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ReportThe Out of TownerThe Out of Towner

  • Age: 30
  • Location: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States of America

Don't walk into the rain forest
without a rain coat to cloak you
from being bolted by rain drops.
And when the rain stops just
continue to flop your feet.
Step in and forever hold your peace.
Your world shall become the table for the feast.
A table for the beast.
Until the brave defeat. Controls you on a leash.
Bottom feeders, Armageddon breeders.
Below your toxic beats. Pull brain cages open to get some relief.
In the middle it burns, while the world slowly turns.
while snow missiles explode out of grounded pistols,
And brown all, frowns dawned while they fill urns.
And its your turn, weather ye be ashes or flesh.
If you, either failed or passed the test best set.
By rocks burning whole. By the very glow of your soul.
By the furry summoned by gold. By the very essences of real things.
With real means and real dreams.


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