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  • Jan
    • 1 comment on blog post I haz a new kittie
      • 3:45 - Marshall Stokes: I want moar updates! Do you haz external blog or wat? Regardless, email or call me. I know I saw you last year in London AND San Francisco, but we need to visit again! I have plans to travel to EU this year... we *must* meet up!
  • Apr
    • 1 comment on blog post I haz a new kittie
      • 8:20 - Marshall Stokes: He's a very handsome cat! Great name, too :) So I guess it's time to find a new apartment where you can have a pet?
  • Apr
  • blog post Report I haz a new kittie

    Posted on Apr 5, 2011 - 8:45 by olivier
    Just a small update to say I'm still alive, still working on uvumi whenever I have time. You can't really tell because I have only been fixing and improving tiny stuff. We're waiting until we have real new, significant stuff to show to make a big announcement. I don't want to spoil what we have in store, but if we make it, the whole music listening experience on the site should be greatly improved.

    But it's going to take some time because both Marshall and I have day jobs, you know, to pay bills and beers.

    On the personal achievement side, I'm almst done working on my first feature length animation. Well it's not MINE, but I worked on it, made many of the characters, it should hit the theaters sometime ie 2012 I think. I should start working on a new movie in june.

    Oh, and like the title of this blog says, I have got a cat, his name is Milhouse and he is cute. I can't keep it at my own place right now because my landlord is a total bitch, but I'll figure something out. Isn't he cute?

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