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ReportNicholas HoppmannNicholas Hoppmann

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  • Age: 33
  • Location: Columbia, South Carolina, United States of America
  • Press kit: pdf


The songwriting of Nicholas Hoppmann evolves with each new set of songs. On his new album, Social Creatures, the developed style shines through to deliver a engaging set of stories from start to finish.

Social Creatures is a thoughtful album about the relationships shared throughout life. "Brother," an exciting reggae tune, discusses how bonds between friends can be stretched and tested while "Release" focuses on giving up our individual obstacles to connect with each other.

The most heavy hitting track on the album is "Sunshine" a peaceful folk song which tells the story of childhood friends who support each other through their tumultuous lives.

Dear Fans:
Music is a giant influence in my life; it inspires, consoles, uplifts, entertains, and connects. Listening to my favorite music, I feel I am looking at a way of life, a different perspective of the world. Most importantly music allows the expression of life, ideals and perspectives. My hope is that others can connect through this music- that it will inspire, console, uplift, and entertain.

Thank you to everyone who enjoys the music.



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