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  • Jun
    • 1 comment on song The Pale Stone
      • 23:18 - R.a.M. Land: This song is pretty cool, you did a great work on this one. The small sine synth phrases make it very atmospheric.

        Well done, keep it like that! :D
  • Nov
    • 1 comment on song Clouds
      • 9:28 - geronimodeleon: Nice track...
        I wasn't sure what I thought of the percussive elements...
        initially I thought they were overmodulated,
        but they DO work in context.
        thanks for the post : )
  • Sep
    • 2 comments on song Sylvanius (Nebulae Re-Lux)
      • 16:02 - Lionel Valdellon: Love that New Order-y synth line in 1:03 till 1:18 except that it's hitting the same frequency as the the delayed, panning pluck synth. Maybe bring it an octave down? (so it sounds even more New Ordery. :D )

        What can I say overall? I love Lux Divon's music and I love Nebulae's music. So this is a two-for-one thing for me. Two thumbs up!
      • 12:28 - Justin Mack: Great layering of beats, vocals, and melodies. A clean, polished sound. Thanks for sharing.
  • Sep

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  • Age: 105
  • Location: Dallas, Texas, United States of America
  • Label: lionsgate

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