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Janine, We ShouldJanine, We Should

  • Founded: April 2008
  • Location: Irvine, California, United States of America
  • Label: unsigned


You can purchase your entire album in full at our website; name your own price =)

Janine, We Should consists of Justin Le and Stanly Tran, two musicians who met at El Modena High School. With influences ranging from all over the acoustic indie and alt rock spectrum, Justin and Stanly Tran found themselves in a rare state of shared direction. Despite coming from vastly different musical backgrounds and only collaborating twice before (as stand-ins for a MUSE cover band, at that, and performing in EMHS winter drum line), the two quickly realized that what they both had in mind for Janine, We Should was more or less identical.

On a dark and lonely night of broken dreams, Justin penned the first song. Just like that, the band was quickly under way with a momentum that could not be stopped. Despite a pause in the summer, the group (despite losing a loved member and gaining another) continued to pick up its pace. After writing enough songs for an album, Janine, We Should put on a successful debut house show with an impressive turn-out in November 2008.

From there, things took off. The members personally invested in recording equipment and software and turned out the four-song All I Know Demo EP at the end of December. They were simply vocal tracks over guitar and piano, but they were enough to send J,WS to shows around town and fundraisers.

After the initial rush died down, Justin Le and Stanly Tran put the project on hold for a couple of months to focus on their academic careers before re-launching in June. On June 8th, 2009, J,WS released their first full-length album, marketed as an EP: the Now Playing EP, with nine original tracks with full instrumentation recorded and mastered in the hi-tech studio conditions of Justin's bedroom.

Over the months, Janine, We Should hopes to continue expanding their scope and begin playing at venues across town again. They won't stop writing and they won't ever stop making their music.

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