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  • Age: 44
  • Location: Aurora, Colorado, United States of America


Badtouch - Apt 1941 Badtouch - Apt 1941

The Upstairs Room - Who Are You The Upstairs Room - Who Are You

get this

I have way too much going on at once so I, at once, go on way too much, sometimes.

There's this band. It's called Yerkish. I sing in it. I like us. I also like butterscotch pudding. If you like butterscotch pudding, you might like my band.

I miss Alaska, occasionally, but mostly I just miss what Alaska was, I think. No. I lie. I miss Alaska. Mostly.

I don't use the backspace key very much. I think it's a copout. Cop-out? Cop out. Looked it up.


  • They're coming to get you, Barbara. They're coming to ge...

Comments (10)Comments (10)

  • thanks for the add....
    Left by Rick Lindemann, on Mar 1, 2010 - 16:17
    hope you get to check out some of my tunes..
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  • ThomasAD3's picture
    Left by ThomasAD3, on Feb 6, 2010 - 5:31
    for friending me! Welcome to the Free World!
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  • Left by CesarJulius, on Feb 6, 2010 - 4:52

    if you are unfamiliar with the artists mentioned, I would definitely recommend checking them all out. VERY different from each other but very good at what they do. For the big collab project, we have not settled on a name yet. Do you have any recommendations? What do you think of Ping Pong Pony or Madam I'm Madman? Amish Pilot? Sky Recliner?

    I would gladly send you the rough drafts of these projects for some feedback. Pass me yer email and I'll send em over, as soon as I get them off to my respective partners in crime first. If you want to start something up, let me know how we would make that happen. Collabs are mostly about finding a structure for building, and then things normally fall into place.

    Ok. I'm done writing!
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    • monkeyavelli's picture
      Left by monkeyavelli, on Feb 6, 2010 - 21:54
      I know of Chris Merritt through you. Davy was probably through you, too. I'll definitely check out all the others. I'd love to do some vocals on something, maybe some acoustic guitar. I have an affinity for taking ambient and wild noise recordings and mixing them together, too, a la this:

      It may be premature on my part, 'cause I probably couldn't really put enough effort in to something until this summer, as there's a ton on my plate here already, but I don't see either one of us losing the passion to make music anytime soon, so I thought I'd put the feelers out now.

      I'd totally dig on some rough drafts. Anything you feel like sending my way at tim@yerkish.com would be tits!

      Namewise: Sky Recliner's got a good ring, as does Madam I'm Madman.
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  • Left by CesarJulius, on Feb 6, 2010 - 4:43
    There are SEVERAL collaborations taking place right now. I'm in beast mode as of late and I have found some willing contributors/companions for this adventure.

    Firstly, I am wrapping up a track with Chris Merritt today. It might be the best shit I ever made with anybody. He is coming over to lay down some piano, and in exchange I am letting him record with my piano for any and all upcoming projects, which is an honor for me in and of itself, but also means that future collabs are likely.

    Secondly, Davy Hamburgers sent me some great guitar which I edited and added to to make a nice track of downtempo trip-hoppy folk, which may feature Hollis Smith and/or Amy Kuney. Both are great.

    Finally, there is the biggun. It is so far Davy, myself, Harperactive, Heinali, Terrain, and will probably be Graciellita on vocals, and may or may not have Dan from Sweetbriar replace the synth bass with real one.
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  • Entropy's picture
    Left by Entropy, on Jan 31, 2010 - 12:04
    I accepted your request and saw you wrote more on the request, right before I pressed the button. I did not see what you said. : ( Sorry.
    Very good to see you here!! Yerkish ROCKS!!
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  • Left by CesarJulius, on Jan 29, 2010 - 18:03
    Welcome to The Island.
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    • monkeyavelli's picture
      The question is...
      Left by monkeyavelli, on Jan 31, 2010 - 0:13
      The island, like Australia in the late 1700s?
      or The Island, like Lost, popular ABC television series?
      or the island, like what I don't have in my kitchen, but it sure would be nice to have. One with a range built in.

      I want to like this place, tell me something nice about it other than it seems like every other jaded t61-er is here.
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      • Left by CesarJulius, on Jan 31, 2010 - 6:07
        Definitely the kitchen one.

        The best thing about this place is that the creator listens to us, so it is evolving into whatever we want this place to be (the old 61). Also, all the other jaded 61ers are here.
    • monkeyavelli's picture
      Ah, the kitchen one...
      Left by monkeyavelli, on Feb 6, 2010 - 0:14
      Yes, that's what I hear, that the creator listens. I would listen, too, if I just got an influx of hundreds (thousands, perhaps?) of new members! But, overall, I see a bunch of potential for the place! I still can't quite understand why t61 would fuck up what was going on over there. Fancy or not, it totally killed the most fun aspects of itself.

      So, the collaboration thing that was once mentioned on ye olde site of crappe... you still doing any sort of thing along those lines? It piques my interest greatly.
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