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Dave Miller - guitarDave Miller - guitar

Thriller's picture
  • Age: 41
  • Location: Moscow, Idaho, United States of America

i like the following:

making music, work, fun, movies, girls, riding boards, bikes, food, dragons, wizards, goblins, swords, guys that own swords, urinal cakes, creepin' on the weekend, weirdos, laughing, trouts of any variety, fondue, cabbage patch kids, assassinations, drunks, cats, horse crazy soccer moms, grabassin', lolligaggin' around, tomfoolery, cigarettes, mom crazy soccer horses, whiskey, wild women, karate, tropical destinations, prison breaks, gangs, water buffalo, gators, futuristic technologies, rambo, flying cars, hover boards, waterslides and slip'n'slides, popsicles, summertime, fly honeys, cool dudes, barbeques, sandwiches, cat scratch fever, golf, mexican midget boot- knife fights, vinyl (records and clothing), owning houses, stock piles of cash, stock piles of anything listed above for that matter, carnivals and carnival employees, sick rad hair cuts, rock and roll, most major US cities, urangutang gang bangs, swimming, jumping off of cliffs into the water, foreign lands, chilean sea bass, hard workers, slackers, easy jobs that pay a ton of money that isn't taxed, hard jobs that pay very little money that is taxed, not paying taxes, instruments, storage units, big rigs, road trips, west coast vs. east coast rivalry, calling the mid west "no-coast", accents, heart break, machines that do math, martial arts, arts, crafts, tandem vehicles, birds of prey, kittens, schoolin' and mind bending.

Role(s) in the band: guitar

Bobby BirkBobby Birk

Bobbybirk's picture
  • Age: 37
  • Location: Portland, Oregon, United States of America

Role(s) in the band: unknown

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