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Michelle LynnMichelle Lynn

  • Founded: December 2004
  • Location: Austin, Texas, United States of America
  • Label: driftless music
  • Press kit: pdf zip


  • Michelle Lynn

Vocalist, guitarist, pianist, singer, and songwriter Michelle Lynn has been blending elements of calypso, gospel, blues, reggae, and alternative rock into an idiosyncratic style of New Age Folk that is uniquely hers since 2005, when her musical journey intuitively began in the rolling valleys of her native northeast Iowa. With literate, transformative lyrics and a luminous, exquisitely quirky voice, Michelle's music connects the personal with the universal and the spiritual with the profane by confronting broader themes such as sustainability, feminism, dreams, religion, love, and the global economy through the various archetypes she finds in and around her.

Michelle has emerged from a yearlong sabbatical in Austin, TX, away from her busy performance schedule in the Driftless Region of the mid-west, with a visionary new album entitled Pre-Echoes for the Postmodern. The songs tell the story of a sensitive soul willfully surrendering to the chaotically destructive process that breeds creation in the thin line between light and dark. The result is her most conceptually unified, lyrically compelling, and sonically diverse album to date.

While Inspire(d) Magazine was "impressed by the depth and experience of [the] lyrics" on Hospital Radio, her previous album, Pre-Echoes for the Postmodern rises to new heights on the wings of lines like: "A life sentence to a lovely déj vu. At least I have you caught in my feedback loop" (from the intricately arranged Feedback); "In the mean time, in the in between time, may you find time is now" (from the Latin-tinged Ouroboros); "Death by fear is killing my spirit here. With storms ahead, suddenly it's clear: Tomorrow still comes around here." (from Death by Fear, an alt-rock collaboration with producer Brahman Shaman).

The snake will turn on its head again for a Pre-Echoes Tour in the spring of 2010 that will bring Michelle back to the diverse places and faces that are such an integral part of this intensely inspirational outer representation of her own inner manifestation. Although, she is quick to point out the effect of such a cyclical creative process saying, "my life is now providing my muse, so it's almost like my waste is providing my food."

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