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ReportMatt GabnaiMatt Gabnai

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  • Age: 36
  • Location: Strasbourg, France

I started to play bass at the age of 17. When I picked up the instrument for the first time, I wanted nothing but to play in a rock band with my friends at high school. Later, for me, musicianship turned to be something much bigger than that.
From the very beginning I recorded almost every idea I had on bass. Luckily I went to a teacher who was not just a great player but turned out to be a great studio musician and producer as well, and whose bass-related musician influences reflects on me ever since.

From that my point is to learn music from as many different perspectives as possible. I just wanted to see the whole picture, to see how an idea turns into a song, songs into an album, and recordings into live performances. I had great opportunities learning from so many good local musicians and studio engineers through the musical school where I got applied, through the studios I've worked with, and through all the bands I had chance to play or record with.

I started to think about recording a so called "solo" project in the beginning of 2005. The main concept was to create a mixture of the influences I have, and have a chance to make songs with my musician friends at the same time; and to make the recording as good as I truly want it to be. Sonically it's always a big challenge for me to think a song through before it gets recorded or even written. Musically it's even more interesting to not just put ideas together to see if they work but to plan a song harmonically and make a basic sonic image that I want to achieve. It's fun :)

Instead of a blog, I have always thought uploading music would be a lot more like me, so at my recent 25th birthday I decided to make it public and bring alive this monster I created along the years, and let others join in my musical experience of today. I have moved in 2010 from my birthplace to Strasbourg just to find better opportunities to show my journey to others: so here it is, as I am, enjoy!



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