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  • Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

Mike Mentzer is a pop/rock singer-songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. Catchy and well-crafted, Mentzer's music connects with listeners from many different places and perspectives. Influenced heavily by travel and the people and places he has experienced around the world, Mentzer composes pop songs with care and precision not often heard.

Mike grew up listening to the oldies station during car trips and quickly developed an affinity for catchy pop. The first song Mike learned how to play on guitar was "Brown Eyed Girl", which he played poorly for the better part of a year before branching out to similarly easy covers in high school. Mentzer's songwriting took on a new maturity while living in Paris, where he played guitar on the banks of the Seine in between crepe breaks.

After two years of international touring on a cruise ship, Mentzer brought his guitar home to Chicago in 2008 to continue playing, writing, and recording his music. Mentzer's 2009 debut album, Maybe Tonight, is a collection of eleven original songs composed in many different places. In his travels, Mentzer found a unifying similarity amongst a vast array of differences: love. No matter the city or people he was surrounded by, Mike found love, both hoped for and enjoyed. The concept for Maybe Tonight was born from this unifying vibe. We all look for love. Some of us are lucky to have it, and some of us haven't found it yet. Regardless, for Mike, the commonality is worth singing about.

Mentzer currently lives in Chicago. Every three months, he partners with a different charitable organization, to whom he donates half of the money he makes from album sales, both digital and physical. Sort of like Newman's Own salad dressing, except with music. It's like salad music.

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