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ReportMicol R.Micol R.

  • Age: 12
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America

....He is 6'4" and weighs 135 pounds...............doesn't sound like much......UNTIL you hear it!

Born Micol Scott Rankin, NOVA was raised in several small towns in Western Pennsylvania. Spending most of his youth moving house to house nearly every 2 years between the hard knock ways of the ghetto neighborhoods and the middle class suburbias....adapting to different ways of life became a natural ability. He always had a deep love for entertaining his peers whether in class joking or with singing his favorite songs.

Growing up on the genre bending sounds of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Will Smith, and many others...NOVA was in an area where your music was defined by your ethnicity. However, he would shy from such conformity...never one to fit "the mold". Learning how to accept peoples differences and love all peoples uniqueness shaped his open minded approach to music. Music would be a way of getting thorough hard times for him growing up.

At an odd turning point in his life...NOVA suffered from a rare blood disease that nearly took his life. After spending countless nights in the hospital with his family by his side and many prayers....a seemingly unavoidable tragedy...turned to a miraculous recovery. A young NOVA would learn the true value of life on that night...spending each day since....living by his own words of wisdom "Pray and Push"....

....praying and pushing each day to live out his true dream....of entertaining the world.....

He sings. With a profound nearly majestic ability to create unforgettable vocal arrangements that seem to never leave your head....singing well crafted harmonies and beautifully self-written choruses at times....while sounding like Louie Armstrong at others.....never one to take himself TOO seriously. He raps. Comparable to Jay-Z....Eminem.....effortlessly weaving beautiful soundscape tapestries of word and syllable play. Proving his skills on his local radio station Pittsburgh's 106.7 WAMO...calling to freestyle over the air nearly nightly during WAMO's Bad Boys Show with Kode Wred and J-Kruz and garnering critical acclaim for his creative and diverse songs he would submit to the "Battle of the Beats" segments. NOVA built a buzz throughout the local hip hop community that catapulted him from no name....to potential signee. He performs. Unlike ANYTHING you have EVER SEEN BEFORE. Sharing the stages with Marcques Houston, Wiz Khalifa, Fat Al, Crave....and many of Pittsburgh's budding stars.

With Online Web Features galore (Myspace.com/hiphop and The Rap-Up), Award Winning Hip-Hop Artist (Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards, Nominee 3 Years STRAIGHT: 2007, 2008, and 2009), 4 Independent released solo albums ("Dreams of an Underground Rapper" was a Best Seller on CDBABY.com in August 2008), Movie soundtrack appearance (Bridge To Nowhere directed by Blair Underwood), Award Nominated Video producer (Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards 2007)….soon to be a book author…and current Award winning game developer (Sky Boarder 3 on www.newgrounds.com)....NOVA takes pride in all angles of his craft and multimedia abilities.

Having spent his earliest years in music creating songs utilizing video games music and a fisher price microphone next to his floor model Zenith television mono speaker....NOVA honed an uncanny versatility that makes nearly NO SOUND SAFE from his musical prowress. For over 15 years NOVA has created songs that range from "a little prayer" country song....to "Determination of an Underground Rapper".....his talent is only overshadowed by his unending potential.

Versatile, smart, and witty in his lyrical delivery...while skillful, creative, and wise in his rhyme schematics. NOVA has a way of creating what you were thinking of.....but never thought of.....all over an instrumental you would NEVER think you would like.

....and somehow......NOVA makes it work. He is an evolution in what you have come to expect in hip hop.........and music as a whole.

Don't call him a "Rapper".....in all phases of the word....NOVA is the "ENTERTAINER" of the new millenium.


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Comments (2)Comments (2)

  • Left by Rafael, on Feb 28, 2010 - 19:45
    Your music is just awesome! I'm not really into hip-hop, but you've got my ears. Thanks!!! Great melody too. :)
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  • Lorie Strother's picture
    Your Delivery
    Left by Lorie Strother, on Feb 3, 2010 - 10:15
    is amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the songs that I've heard. Thanks for sharing.
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