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  • blog post Report Street Cypher III International Mix Tape

    Mark Howell
    Posted on Jul 12, 2013 - 20:45 by Mark Howell
    Street Cypher III The Final Round has reached its pinnacle of the ever popular International Mix Tape Series. Known for its global variety this particular time around the Producers take over. 14 to be exact different producers represent one part of every continent except the land down under. Returning to boards vets like Frosty Fin, JYNX, J1K and Constant Elevation are joined by pro producers like Dalib, Emef, Xian, Deathstar, J Beats, A June and Per C Wells. Trust me when I say we're going out with a bang and now that this monumental series comes to a close, I'd like to thank everyone who has been apart of this. The gift of building lasting bonds is our reward and the network of Street Cypher warriors will progress the movement that we all set out to conquer. Now is the time to collect the whole saga "STREET CYPHER"!!!
    Producer List and Location
    J1K Maryland, US
    Constant Elevation Lithuania
    Emef Slovakia
    Dalib Slovakia
    Epic Beats Albuquerque, US
    Frosty Fin Finland
    Xian Bengali
    Ill-a-str8d Albuquerque, US
    Grand Architect Fort Collins, US
    JYNX Albuquerque, US
    J Beats Columbia
    A June South Korea
    Per C Wells Aztec, US
    DeathStar South Africa
  • blog post Report Camp Lo 15th Year Uptown Saturday Night In Full Performances

    Mark Howell
    Posted on Dec 7, 2012 - 23:30 by Mark Howell
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: “Street Cypher II” International Mix Tape doubles back around for another go at the game. New and improved graphics, new characters plus new exotic locations make for some amazing adventures. “Street Cypher I” released only 3 months prior has already had such an incredible success with 1000s of views and 100s of downloads. Repeat production and performances will bring a big sense of familiarity. Some sequels are much needed, this is one of them. Expanding the reaches of the Cook Book Records regime, Grand Architect as well as other CBR Street Teamers strives to bring you closer to the epicenter of this Hip Hop explosion. Approach the boards; check the high scores we’re back! “Street Cypher II” always appreciates the support from everyone who makes this possible.

    Fresh produce is added in to an already spicy recipe. LX Beats makes available 3 beats through an already successful instrumental mix tape “Raw Bangers”. Fellow Finlandian producer Frosty Fin returns. Frosty always has the tried and true beats that invoke excitement. Also International producer Constant Elevation hails out of Norway and brings gems to the table. Then national producer J1K (MD) completely blazes out of Maryland scorching everything in his path, Lookout! In house production from Ill-a-str8d and Grand Architect can be expected as well.

    The vocalists surge through the soundscape and engage the listener’s ear thanks to the astonishing variety. Emcees like Audio Hustla, ‘Luke The Dook’ (NY), Ground Broken’s own ‘Surreal’ (CO), Tattoo artist and all around grinder ‘Blackluck’ (VA), mister Grizwald himself ‘Grizz’ (CO), Soulful ‘KZ’ formerly known as ‘Proylfik’ (FL) and the always at it ‘Ghostryder’ (NJ) assembles a Hip Hop force to immense not to be reckoned with. Comeback kids like ‘The Ephameracans’ and ‘Nick Fury’ (Both NM) establish go to lyrics for the second round. The flow styles ranges to involve multiple different spectators. Also slicing and dicing the 1s and 2s DJ Kosmo throws some insane cuts together for the total package feel.

    From USA to Canada; From the East to the West, “Street Cypher II” will be saturate 40+ markets especially geared towards downloadable content and more unique tools for the fans to engage with the artists. Send us your opinions, feedback, reviews and any other thoughts on your mind on how to improve the “Street Cypher” experience. As well as submissions for future projects contact us. Check below for more info.

    This is not the first installment to our ever expanding empire and definitely won't be the last. This is only a beginning, Cook Book Records has already planned to let loose "Street Cypher III" in the spring and continue seasonally releasing free downloadable mix tapes. If this sounds like something you are interested in, we are currently accepting submissions. 20 slots 20 USDs serious inquiries only. Check submission information below CBR Is dedicated to promoting and can exponentially help out you exposure.

    No quarters necessary, unlimited play enjoy “Street Cypher II”

    Contact: grandarchfans@yahoo.com For Information Packets

    Tracks Recorded at various locals including Double Helix's "Kitchen", Evo Studios, And More.

    All Tracks Arranged By The Grand Architect and TBA Soon…

    All Artwork Generated By The Grand Architect.

    Be Sure To Prepare Yourself For “The Great Purge” CBR’s Own ‘Arch Rivals’ Debut LP Album… + Multiple Upcoming CBR Releases!

    Also Grand Architect's New Super Single "Crop Circles" Feat. B Real From Cypress Hill and Double Helix's New EP "The Strain" Feat. Main Flow, J Sands and More Are All Available @

    and Digital Outlets Worldwide
    All Rights Reserved Cook Book Records © 2012

    Track List

    1. Round 2 Produced By Ill-a-str8d.
    2. React to This Featuring Ill-a-str8d and Evolution Produced By LX Beats.
    3. Street Cyphe Featuring Luke The Dook Produced By Ill-a-str8d.
    4. Worldwide Exclusive Featuring Epique Produced By Frosty Fin.
    5. Rocket Exclusive Featuring Ghostryder Produced By Allarounda.
    6. Ball 2 Death Featuring Evolution Produced By J1K.
    7. Kill The Radio Featuring Nick Furious Produced By Ill-a-str8d.
    8. Mind Control Featuring Ephameracans Produced By Geomtrk.
    9. Bitter World Exclusive Featuring Blackluck and Zach Magillis.
    10. What It Is Featuring Epique and Nick Furious Produced By LX Beats.
    11. Hunker Down Featuring Grizz Produced By Grand Architect.
    12. Monetary Music Produced By LX Beats.
    13. Smile Exclusive Featuring KZ (Formerly Prolyfik) and Frank Soul.
    14. Call You Produced By Ill-a-str8d.
    15. In a Time Like This Featuring Surreal and Evolution Produced By Constant Elevation.
    16. Instant Classic Produced By Frosty Fin.
    17. Human Remains Exclusive Featuring Hannibal Jesster Produced By KeKo.
    18. Daze Featuring Project O Produced By Epique.

    Additional Notes: Live Bass Provided by Shay Loungey on track 3. LX Beats Provided through “Raw Bangers”. Special Thanks To Michal, and to everyone involved in the entire CBR Street Cypher Series team.

    Tags: cookbook records, grand architect, illastr8ed, J1k, Evolution, Frosty Fin, LX Beats, Constant Elevation, DJ Kosmo, KZ, Blackluck, Surreal, Grizz, Hannibal, Franksoul, Ghostryder, Luke The Dook, Ephameracans, Nick Fury, Artistik Intellagents

    Camp Lo 15th Year Uptown Saturday Night In Full Performances
    Cook Book Records Has Multiple Artists Involved in opening for Camp Lo 15 Year Reunion "Uptown Saturday Night" Performances. From Albuquerque To Colorado CBR utilizes Grand Architect, Nick Fury, Epique Beats, Greg Swanson and More. Make Sure to Save a Date Either One.

    New Years Dec 31rst Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sister Bar!
    Jan 3rd Denver, Colorado. The Roxy!

    FREE International Mixtape "Street Cypher II" Dropping 12.12.12
    Arch Rivals The Purge Dropping 12.25.12
    Grand Architect Single Mystery FEAT. Dropping 2.13.13

    + Lots More Headed Toward You From Cook Book Records Join The Mailing List at www.cookbookrecords.com

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