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  • Location: Lyon, France

MENSCH, a brand new band born in 2010, is a duet composed of Vale Poher and Carine Di aka Marilou.
Solo project created in 2005, Vale Poher has released two albums (Mute 2005 & Tauten 2008) and two EPs (Blue Time vs Suspense & 3×2) which met with critical acclaim.
She participates alongside in numerous collaborations in various areas: theater with Vincent Roumagnac, fine Arts with Saâdane Afif (winner of the Marcel Duchamp Award 2009), film industry with Vergine Keaton (award for best music at the short films Clermont Ferrand Festival 2010). There are also Vale Poher featuring in other musicians: Doctor Flake, Flore, Mansfield Tya…
In 2008, she creates the Vale Poher Group and meets the bassplayer Carine Di Vita AKA Marilou. On her side, Marilou (vocal/bass or guitar) has worked with many bands : Spade & Archer, Le Peuple de l’Herbe, Groom and recently Rzatz.
After 2 years of collaboration, the musicians decided to work on a new project, seeking a balance between rock and electro : MENSCH.
Bass/guitar/keyboards and beatboxes, aerial vocals and catchy melodies. The duet combines rock, kraut, pop, afrobeat & new wave, and creates the sound of Mensch… somewhere between LCD Soundsystem and Blondie… let’s dance and die!


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Comments (5)Comments (5)

  • Muzikette's picture
    Left by Muzikette, on Sep 24, 2010 - 6:11
    DLing your EP now. I'll check it out tonight. Thanks for sharing!
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  • Hey!
    Left by Craigmire, on Sep 22, 2010 - 0:23
    Wow..all the way from France! Mystery Train is sounding pretty sweet. Here's a video from my band , Pharmies. Live in San Francisco California.
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    • MENSCH's picture
      Left by MENSCH, on Sep 24, 2010 - 2:38
      Hi Craigmire. Your vid is pretty cool, thank you for sharing it.

      We're glad you like Mystery train. If you want more, get our debut EP "Dance & Die" for free at http://menschband.com.
      Do not hesitate to tell us what you think about it, we love feedbacks!
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  • Nice to meet you
    Left by worldblee, on Sep 21, 2010 - 8:51
    Cool song--cheers!
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