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  • Age: 50
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America
  • Label: dance music television, digital hallow, gullah music
  • Press kit: pdf zip


Marc's mixed sets are an electric mix of pounding bass lines and progressive rhythms, comprising house, breaks and funky techno, making Marc Anthony an international favorite. With over 2 decades of hands on vinyl experience, this low key artist has played many venues around the world. DJ Marc Anthony's innovative progressive mixes have been quoted by some of the worlds leading producers as "text book" and beyond! With influences such as Nick Warren this N.Y.C south Bronx native aggressive yet subtle approach to the 1's and 2's is purely magical. Being dubbed the "concept king" Marc stays actively involved in the evolution of the dance music industry, as CEO of Hipnotek, artist manager : developer ,and Lable rep. His industry piers are calling him a new breed of DJ.

Wayne Walters aka DJ Crash began his professional career at age 16 as the DJ to South Florida's rap artist Gigolo Tony. He and Tony co-produced two LPs "Ice Cold & Ain't It Good To ya." They toured with groups like, MC Hammer, Public Enemy, Big Daddy Cane, Jazzy Jeff &
Fresh Prince, Luke Skywalker, and many others.
DJ Crash's unique Miami Bass sound was marked by the introduction of the E-mu SP1200 drum sampler in 1987, which was a new sound in the hip hop genre. He debuted the "SP1200-tonal-bass-plus-looped-samples" in early 1988, but he did not find immediate success. When the sound was embraced in the upcoming year his production skills became a commodity.
He used his rising stature to expand his skills by concentrating on the background of studio production and radio mix shows, which led to him forming the production duo "Whiz Kids". The Whiz Kids were producers, dj's and editors who became quite notable during the late 1980s within the American underground dance-music scene.
During the 1980s most of the late night radio mix-show was pre-recorded. The Whiz Kids took this opportunity to show their editing skills; they hosted Miami's most popular radio mix shows by crafting a live seamless diverse mix of songs. This led to post-production edits and re-mixes for artists such as Expose', Vanessa Williams, Pet Shop Boys, and many others. Their most celebrated post production was the Electro Bass track "Security" by The Beat Club in 1989. As a result of their post production, Atlantic Records picked up the act and marketed the song internationally. "Security" became a hit in the famed Hacienda club in Manchester, UK in the midst of the UK Acid House/Manchester craze. This led to him producing BVSMP's debut album on Suntown Records.

Crash later formed an eclectic live hip hop/funk/punk band called "Hashbrown" in which he played the drums. The band released a CD titled "50ft Double Door Boxcar," and promoted it by touring as the opening act for Sheryl Crow, Wu Tang Clan, Cameo, and James Brown.

Crash is one of the first DJ's to have a hip-hop mix show on XM Satellite Radio, within the first 2 years of XM airing. In 2004 he released his solo CD "South Exclusives," which he produced - arranged and mixed. "South Exclusives" featured Miami based artist Rick Ross and Pretty Ricky.

Crash currently resides in South Florida where he continues to DJ in clubs, online mix shows, and podcast on iTunes.

We all know the expression, "The sky is the limit!" Evrydaydowners speak of the Omniverse. Nothing will ever be able to stop them from living, sleeping, and breathing the emotion in the sound, to which they define.

They exist for one thing, and one thing only: Eternally breeding Electronica music!

Evrydaydowners, whose musical roots are from Tampa, Florida, have been noticed by DJs and Producers for a long time; however, its nothing like what they are experiencing today! The Maji and Samer started Evrydaydowners in 1998. Together, they forged a unique sound in the underground scene that they are now known for worldwide. "This World" was their first international release that topped many charts. With countless releases on the horizon, you can expect EVRYDAYDOWNERS to be a progressive leader in Electronica Music. Their first international release "Adrift" (under the Digital Hallow label) will hit during WMC and embrace the world.

Bun+E is a newbie and rookie in the world of electronic music production and honored to be on board with the Evrydaydowners. She is influenced by different music styles and followed her love for music over a decade.

Together the Evrydaydowners shin&shimmer in their own light when performing on stage. The listener is taken on a journey through time & space. The crowed is moved by the eclectic digital sound and gets to walk a path that inspires all senses during their life performances.

Truly a once in a lifetime experience!


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