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  • Aug
    • 2 comments on song Do Or Die?
      • 8:12 - Marshall Stokes: THAT, was awesome. Great tour! Thanks for sharing :)
      • 4:39 - Rick Barber: Hi Marshall,

        wow! thanks for the kind comments on the Do Or Die track and i'm glad all the hard work paid off at least to your ears. I'll tell you a little on how it was recorded.

        Most of the album was recorded at Mouse Manor the home of ManOrMouse? or rather Billy Mowbray's tiny home studio (see ) and then brought to The Crypt studios (http://thecryptsessions.com/) in North London for refining.

        Matt Sime engineered and co-produced the whole album with Billy Mowbray and some friends came in and replaced parts.On this track Jon Atkinson played drums, Ricky Barber played bass and the mighty Dean Tidey played electric guitars including the absurd solo! Billy played the rest.

        Hope that clears things up a bit if you want anymore info just head to http://www.wearemanormouse.com and thanks for helping us be top of the rock charts.

  • Aug
    • 1 comment on song Do Or Die?
      • 13:07 - Marshall Stokes: I think the production on this song is quite excellent. I don't know how you guys did it, but it sounds fantastic!

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  • Founded: June 2008
  • Location: London, United Kingdom


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Record date: Unknown

Debut album by ManOrMouse? Featuring Ex Feeder members Mark Richardson on drums and Dean Tidy on guitar, this album rocks.

Track list

  Track Title Artist Duration Added  
   1 She Rules Man or Mouse 02:41 2010-03-17  
   1 Do Or Die? Man or Mouse? 03:53 2010-02-24  
   2 Mahalia Man or Mouse 03:54 2010-02-26  
   2 Jackson ManOrMouse? 03:48 2011-05-03  
   3 Alive ManOrMouse? 02:38 2010-07-02  

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