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  • Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
  • Label: matthew moran music (mmm)

MAKAIO (muh-kah-yo) is an artist who desperately wants to reach in and caress your heart. His music delves into the depth of your soul longing to reach you with a message of today and a hope for tomorrow. From orchestral Rock to minimalistic Pop, MAKAIO's music is upbeat and explosive and simultaneously subtle and provocative. His melodies will hook you and his lyrics will linger inside you...forever. Not to be taken lightly but to be enjoyed instantly.

MAKAIO began his career in entertainment at the age of 3 performing in his first television commercial by crossing his eyes to look at himself. Perhaps, that's when the introspection began. Always more fascinated with why we do things than what we do, by the age of 7 MAKAIO was performing Off-Broadway with the National Touring Company of Evita. A musical that dealt with politics, promiscuity, power and ulterior motives, MAKAIO was exposed to the “man behind the curtain” at a very young age and was quickly perceiving, both on and off stage, the full spectrum of who we are.

By his early teen years MAKAIO had begun writing about his thought-provoking experiences, using song and performance art as his mode of expression. Songs like “Stimulus”, “How the World Shines Bright”, “Just Playin'” and others captured this quest for hope in the midst of futility. Wanting to express himself by all means possible, MAKAIO studied Shakespeare and Classical Theatre with the highly selective British American Drama Academy (BADA) in Oxford, England and was one of just s handful of students chosen to work directly with the esteemed Sir Benjamin Kingsley (Ghandhi, Schindler's List, Prince of Persia, etc.) who personally directed MAKAIO as Romeo in Romeo & Juliet. Having grown up drumming from one rock band to the next, MAKAIO then returned to the states to study Classical, Jazz and all styles of music at the equally esteemed School of Music conservatory at De Paul University in Chicago, IL, USA. There his songwriting blossomed, as did his abilities, and he went on to graduate with Honors in Vocal Performance.

Since then, MAKAIO has experimented with different forms of performance art, incorporating his music into theatrical performances, similar to groups like David Bowie, The Who, Pink Floyd, recently ABBA (“Mamma Mia”) and others. He wrote and produced his own dramatically staged theatrical production showcasing his music to sold out performances. A big fan of experimental 80's bands, MAKAIO was also influenced by bands from the 60's and 70's that incorporated the theatrical and orchestral into their music, like Queen, Styx, Kansas, The Doors, of course The Beatles and more. An avid rock drummer in his early years, having placed first in his state with the IHSA for Snare Drum - Solo Performance, MAKAIO was also greatly influenced by bands with outstanding drummers like RUSH, Led Zeppelin and others, making rhythm an integral part of his music.

As a result, the music of MAKAIO is an eclectic mix of New Romantic Pop and Adult Alternative Rock permeated by Classical and Experimental influences from all time. The sound result is truly unique unto MAKAIO. Accessible by all and appreciated by those who truly listen from the heart. Experience and enjoy MAKAIO!

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