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  • Age: 39
  • Location: MACON, Georgia, United States of America
  • Label: locdout records
  • Press kit: pdf zip

Creeper Loc grew up in Macon, GA. He has been rapping since he was 15 yrs old. He always produces his own music and he went on to release DJ SMALLZ - CREEPER LOC & TRENT STEELZ - FEAR IS NOT A FACTOR - Mix Tape. Creeper Loc hooked up with a local group, Dark House 415. He has been featured on four (4) Coast 2 Coast Mix tapes & is now on one of his own sponsored Coast2Coast Mixed Tape to be released February 2010
"Not your ordinary white boy!"


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Comments (4)Comments (4)

  • Left by CesarJulius, on Mar 9, 2010 - 5:44
    lets forget about the fact that you're claiming crip....

    are you really giving yourself permission to drop the n-bomb whenever you feel like it? It really doesn't matter how many black people you knew and grew up with. if you have any respect for black people or any sense of history, you'd find other words to use instead. if you show me one black person who "gives you permission" to use that word, I'll show you 50 who don't.

    peace, CUZ
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    • N word
      Left by CREEPER LOC, on Mar 9, 2010 - 7:30
      1st sorry if I offend you - 2nd Everyone has there own opinion - You are You and I am Me & that is what makes the world go around - You need to know the definition of the N word before you claim me guilty of anything - A WHITE person can be a Ni**er - It is an arrogant person! Not sure what tracc you listened to for you to get your info about me & the N Word or Claiming Crip but go to www.myspace.com/creeperlocdout & listen to the tracc "So N Sane" You may get a better understanding of me & my use of the N Word. If you do not like my music or what I rep there are others you can listen too however seeing my chart record standings on UVUMI and a comment just below yours from a beautiful black woman I think you may be wrong about me and my music. Thank you for the feedback I am open and accept both positive and negative feedback - Have a great day! Much Love & Respect to all! Black, White or Purple -
      "Not Your Ordinary White Boi" CREEPER LOC
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      • Left by CesarJulius, on Mar 9, 2010 - 9:25
        i actually do like your music...

        historically, defining the n-word as someone who is arrogant is not how it was intended for use. the fact that you wrote it as ni**er indicates that you know its a disgusting word, one that originates in hate and white supremacy. the black community re-appropriating it to water down its meaning is strange but that is their individual and collective right. but to hear that word come out of a white person's mouth can hurt and offend, so why not avoid its use altogether? i am not really offended, as i am caucasian and hispanic, but i promised myself on behalf of SumKid (an amazing emcee repping NC, ATL, NY, and now LA) that i would try to deter white people from using that word, ESPECIALLY if they do not mean to use it as an insult to people of color.

        so i guess i'm trying to say that even if you are able to justify your use of the word and truly mean no harm by it, you understand how people can still be offended and hurt. can you make an effort in the future to avoid (or at least minimize) its use? you are clearly bright and talented enough to find other ways of getting your point across...

        best of luck with everything!
  • Lorie Strother's picture
    He right
    Left by Lorie Strother, on Jan 23, 2010 - 18:11
    He ain't no ordinary white boi! I like your sound. Keep doing what you do!
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