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Team UvumiTeam Uvumi

Teamuvumi's picture
  • Founded: March 2009
  • Location: Scattered!, United States of America


We're the team behind Uvumi.com! This is as good a place as any for discussions about improving Uvumi and to collect suggestions and comments from members of the community.

There are two great ways to keep up to date with our updates: You can become a fan of this profile to receive email notifications when we post news or updates, and/or subscribe to the Team Uvumi Blog RSS feed.

Severed HandSevered Hand

Severedhand's picture
  • Founded: August 2002
  • Location: Unspecified
  • Label: indie, unsigned


  • Lloyd the Fourth

Brutal Prog Chaos, two bass players, one guitar wizard, war galloping drums, and terrifying screams of avant aesthetics. A nightmare of apocalyptic themes. And absurdity.

The Last Melting ManThe Last Melting Man

  • Founded: June 1997
  • Location: Boise, Idaho, United States of America
  • Label: boarding house records


The Last melting Man was, Lloyd Winter on bass, Chad Whittaker on guitar, Bryan Hallowell on drums, and Zachary Jones on vocals. We recorded one album which was released in April 2002 in Moscow, Idaho. Less than 200 people own the album...even fewer remember ever playing it. TLMM cut our musical teeth so to speak. Llyod went on to play music in several bands including, Severed Hand, Oh My God Oh My God, Fortress, and Old Man Winter. Bryan Hallowell went on to play drums in Speed of Shark and is currently a member of Le Fleur. Chad and Zach are also members of Le Fleur and also went on to play music in several bands, including Fortress, Shock and Awe, Grand Fury, and Cry Baby.

Ohmygod OhmygodOhmygod Ohmygod

Ohmygodohmygod's picture
  • Location: Unspecified


  • Lloyd the Fourth
  • Dave Miller
  • Bobby Birk
  • Claire

Anne TiqueAnne Tique

Annetique's picture
  • Location: Unspecified


  • Lloyd the Fourth
  • Eric Gilbert

The spontaneous collaborative musical project of Lloyd Eugene Winter IV. Formerly known as Old Man Winter, Anne Tique is the evolution of a post-rock, ambient guitar and synth duo, into a open platform collaborative exploration. Currently, seems to consist mostly of improv vocal duets while walking/dancing around Portland neighborhoods and random spaces with Dove Winter (my daughter).


Fortress's picture
  • Location: Moscow, Idaho, United States of America
  • Label: unsigned


Abrasive Rock Circa 2004.

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