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ReportLanguage RoomLanguage Room

  • Founded: September 2007
  • Location: Austin, Texas, United States of America
  • Label: pazzo music

It started out as a typical 6th Street night in Austin, TX when Todd Sapio literally bumped into old friend Scott Graham. The two, both sick of the Los Angeles music scene, had relocated to Austin in search of a new direction. Soon after reuniting, the West Coast refugees began writing music together. In need of a bassist, Scott introduced his brother Matt into the band after only a few rehearsals. Two nights before an important gig, the band's drummer vanished and was never heard from again. Instead of canceling the show, the band frantically searched for someone to cover for the lost appendage. As fate would have it, Caleb Kelly, also a newcomer to Austin, felt it was his calling to create music and moved from Colorado to do just that. Caleb did more than just cover that night - he filled the final void in the quartet’s lineup.

In September 2007, the newly formed Language Room began playing small shows in the Austin area. After winning a local Battle of the Bands competition, Language Room decided to use the cash to record their first EP with Los Angeles friend Derek Jones. From this EP, the song “Make Me Choose” soon became the introduction song for Livestrong.com and “Don’t Cover Your Eyes” was featured in the movie The Beacon.

Following their success, another opportunity presented itself in a local music store when Sapio met bassist Matt Noveskey of Blue October. After liking what he heard, Noveskey decided to hit the studio with Language Room to produce their debut album, “One by One” (2008).

In the spring of 2009, Language Room caught the attention of George Cappellini Jr. of father/son management company, G&G Entertainment. After signing with G&G, Co-Founders Charlie Brusco and George Cappellini Sr. signed Language Room to their independent record label, Pazzo Music.

In 2010, “In Lines”, the first single off the band’s new self-titled album, “Language Room” (produced by Noveskey and mixed by Chuck Alkazian), is set to drop this summer followed by an iTunes album release August 10.


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Comments (13)Comments (13)

  • Aaron Robert Hall's picture
    Left by Aaron Robert Hall, on Nov 2, 2009 - 8:13
    Great band bio! Do you guys have any shows coming up? Cheers!
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    • Todd Sapio's picture
      Re: Hello
      Left by Todd Sapio, on Jul 25, 2010 - 6:47
      Hey Aaron,
      We just played our last show in Austin for a while this past Sunday at Stubbs. Our next show will be our album release most likely in early September at Emos. I'll give you more details when I get them this week. :)
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