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  • Founded: August 2008
  • Location: Mt. Ranier, Washington, United States of America
  • Label: bmi, la forza music


While fans of popular music always keep a laser focus on Seattle for the latest explosive trends in rock and roll, the most innovative and provocative sounds in instrumental music these days are coming from 40 miles down the road. Nestled beside a lake overlooking Mount Rainier, the beautiful small town of Yelm, Washington (pop. under 4,000) provided the perfect natural environment for Austrian born classically trained pianist and electronic music expert Divina Klein and underground hip-hop producer Douglas Mackarwhose combined musical energy is reflected in their collective name La Forzato create Dance Music for Your Mind (Vol. I), a lushly textured landscape of party music for the motivated and focus music for the dreamers.

Though they were born on opposite sides of the Earth, raised with different mother tongues, and were nurtured by different musical styles, Divina & Douglas have come together in Yelm, WA to form a union of souls that share a common passion to create. Divina, a classically trained pianist from Vienna, Austria, a city rich with musical tradition. Douglas, who has produced for underground hip-hop artists and released 7 independent albums, from Cleveland, Ohio, the birthplace of Rock-n-Roll. Both were deeply moved and inspired by music at an early age. Both dreamed of one day creating music that could inspire others the way music has inspired them throughout their lives- an inspiration at soul level- to connect to eternity.

To La Forza, music is an expression of the sublime- it is always about reaching towards a grander plane, it is always about love. This is what La Forza is aspiring to create- Music that offers a glimpse of the sublime. Their music is an expression of their love- for one another, and for life. Their music is part of their personal journey towards oneness- I guess you could say that all of La Forza's songs are love songs.

Though generally classified as electronic music, La Forza see their art as an opportunity to transcend limitations. They invite their listeners to enter a place within themselves where anything is possible- where dreams come true, and where the spirit is always dancing. La Forza makes joyful music. As Divina puts it, "We are creators, so following our nature to create produces harmony. Harmony, that is what music is."

With its fascinating mix of dreamy ambient soundscapes, beautiful solo piano compositions, exotic global percussion, rich textures and compelling melodic movements over infectious dance beats, La Forza is driven by Klein and Mackar's mutual passion to create sounds that are interesting, intelligent and provocative but that also appeal to a people with wide ranging musical tastes. Both organic and otherworldly, the 12 tracks on Dance Music for Your Mind (Vol. I) are about transcending the typical limitations of genre and inviting listeners to enter a place within themselves where anything is possible.

By exploring emotional and spiritual dichotomiestheir songs are simple and elegant, complex and concise, serious and fun, introspective and outrageous, frequently wild and psychedelicthe duo provides their listeners with the opportunity to be creators and not simply consumers. An album that moves with fluidity and purpose, "(Vol. I)" is energetic, poetic, and inspiring. The collection is a project of multiple moods where, in true indie fashion, unpredictability and spontaneity are virtues. The free space of an expansive, ambient piece like the opening track "Vision Quest" gives listeners the exciting responsibility to instigate and apply their own creative agendas, the fuel to explore their own imaginations and pursue unique ideas. Driven by Klein's compositional and orchestral arrangement skills via her Roland Fantom X7 and Mackar's expertise with drums and percussion, La Forza's vision is to create not only soundtracks to mindful films but also to mindful lives, "scores" that support transformational processes and the conscious creation of reality.

While most musicians this proficient in these kinds of instrumental works become "studio rats" who prefer the glow of monitors to sunlight and the process of recording over live performances, La Forza is also a force to be reckoned with in concert. Overcoming obvious logistical challenges re-creating multi-track recordings live, Klein builds layer upon layer of harmonies using a Boss RC-50 Loop Station ("dancing" by playing pedals with her feet as her hands work the keyboards) while Mackar mans the drum machines and sequencers.

In the spirit of jazz, their live performance consists of arranged songs interwoven with improvisation, the spontaneity of which insures the audience that their experience at a La Forza show is always based on true passion and the absolute presence of the band. After a series of local parties, La Forza is gearing up to perform at the Whidbey Island Emerging Artists Festival on Memorial Day weekend and will be adding more outdoor live venues to their summer schedule.

The music they create as La Forza is a natural extension of their personal relationship, which stemmed from a meeting several years ago at a show in Tacoma, where Mackar was performing with his longtime hip-hop group and Kleinalso a music therapy specialistwas running the sound. "A huge part of what we do together live and in the studio revolves around trying to perfect our personal communication," says Mackar, a native of Cleveland. "Divina grew up in Austria speaking several different languages, and our desire has always been to go beyond verbal language into the language of music, the language of the sublime. There is nothing I love more than to listen to Divina play the piano, and that is at the core of all the music we make. Each song is a part of our personal journey towards oneness--with each other, and beyond that, literally, to connect to eternity."

Several key tracks on Dance Music for Your Mind (Vol. I) convey the magical essence of this connection. On the hypnotic, densely percussive "Blossoming Flowers," Klein's soaring piano melody dances over a breakbeat/drum and bass style groove, creating a multi-tiered vibe that's driving and uplifting while also being dreamy and gentle. "Fountain of Youth" is an exotic and loping, Eastern music tinged excursion that typifies the duo's lack of cultural boundaries, while "To Connect to Eternity" achieves its titular goal by blending a classical piano melody with the sweeping sounds of strings (viola, violin, cello and contrabass), all played by Klein on her Fantom X7.

"To us, La Forza is the idea of empowering the self to create and live one's dreams," says Klein. "To freely create the music that we love is to us living our dream." Mackar adds, "Our passion is to create music that can inspire others the way music has inspired us throughout our lives."

La Forza is currently in the studio recording their next album, "The Plane of Bliss," an ambient/down-tempo/chill-out album designed for focus and meditation.


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  • Unregistered User's picture
    Left by Unregistered User, on Feb 3, 2010 - 22:28
    I find that I definitely love your piano pieces more than the electronic pieces. This comes from someone who loves electronic music. I could listen to "The Sound of Clouds" over and over again. "To Connect to Eternity" is also moving, though the additional parts could be tweaked just a bit in the middle of the piece.

    Thanks for sharing. <3

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  • Gretchen's picture
    heyy there!!
    Left by Gretchen, on Jan 25, 2010 - 22:52
    Heyyy Welcome..looks like the word had gotton out this is where all the cool kids are...am glad i can be one of the first to hear ya here...i already know how awesome u are...:)
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