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  • Ley Shade

Labores Somnium is the not-for-profit multimedia project of Ley Shade, as an outlet for his mental health problems and partial psychosis, with 50% of all the project’s surplus income donated to charity. At the start of 2014 the Labores Somnium project recinded it’s former Last.FM exclusive status and began use of a creative commons licence allowing users to copy, use, remake and upload Labores Somnium works to other mediums, services and productions for non-commercial purposes.

Labores Somnium’s premise is devised from a small series of short storys and concepts about changing the way the world has formed through the alteration of various events in history, and the stories of the characters who live within the various realms that emerged as a consequence, with heavy emphasis on the ‘’Fairietale Kingdom’‘.

The project encompasses artwork, fictional stories, music and animations primarily from Ley Shade, and a small group of related sub-projects he runs on a non-profit basis fueled by amatuer and upcoming artists from varying mediums, with the aim of improving and adapting the project for different audiences while developing the individual skills of those working on the collaborations.

Some examples of the types of music that have been illustrated and combined in an experimental, conceptual and lo-fi style (sometimes featuring Ley’s harp), include;
psychedelic music, (psytrance, psydub, psychedelic rock), ambient and ethereal music, (dark ambient, drone ambient, darkwave), chillout and downtempo music, (new age, trip hop, lounge), electronic music, (dubstep, synth pop, ebm, 8bit), accoustic and folk music, (piano rock, neofolk, indie, world music), while also offering covers of songs in alternate musical styles to the originals.

Due to the robust nature and varying style and principles of those contributing to the project, all media tends to represent differing styles of music, animation and art, and often results in a collage of different motifs, ideas and perceptions.

The project has no current release date planned for any of its ventures, with all releases uploaded directly to the the project's pages, so check back often!


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