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Music and lyrics by I Fight Dragons. Rap by Klopfenpop.


"Green is where it's at",
you can't argue with that.
I need like Ƶ2,000
to build this new gat.
Blast a hole in the wall,
gamble with the old man,
if you win some rupees
save, restart, and do it again.

I don't carre
if you think I should mature an see
what you think's important
all I wanna see is currency.
I spend my days
countin' coins in the cold,
and my nights runnin' n00bs
through dungeons for gold.

Schoolin' these kids
while I'm levelin' up.
Malevolent, never benevolent,
but prevalent. Yup!
Always stayin' on top.
Shunnin' chutes, locatin' ladders.
Lookin' out for number one--
the only integer that matters.

"Ichi, ichi, ni, san, go, hachi..."
I'm in the corner
addin' it up like Fibonacci.
Incrementally increasing
my score in this game,
accumulatin' assets and acclaim.

I got some CLR and some DDT,
ain't no way moth or rust'll
get past me.
'Cause in the end
only three things'll last--
faith, hope, and love--
and the greatest one is cash.

ReportKlopfenpop - Money feat. KlopfenpopKlopfenpop - Money feat. Klopfenpop

  • Founded: December 1985
  • Location: Bothell, Washington, United States of America
  • Label: self produced


Money feat. Klopfenpop    Money feat. Klopfenpop

  • Title: Money feat. Klopfenpop
  • Artist: I Fight Dragons
  • Duration: 00:03:20
  • Played: 1,033

I doing a remix of Money for I Fight Dragons. This is a pre-release teaser for the rap that will appear on the remix. Remix coming soon!

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