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ReportHillgrass Bluebilly RecordsHillgrass Bluebilly Records

  • Age: 47
  • Location: Austin, Texas, United States of America
  • Label: hillgrass bluebilly records

Hillgrass Bluebilly is a fully operational, multi chaptered record label, booking agency, and promotional outlet for a unique installment of contemporary artists in the field of roots, blues, stomp, and country music.

In 2004, co-founders Keith Mallette and Ryan Tackett poured their pockets, hearts and efforts into the foundations of a company set to bring upon a resurgence of ideals that had clearly been lost. Sleeves rolled up and ethics steadfast they white knuckled through the obstacles a fledgling business faces fully committed to shining a light on hard working talent and putting the honesty back into promoting. With the addition of chapter owners Jeff Anderson, Joe Dooda, and Brenn Beck (Left Lane Cruiser) a solid team was established and now through the reinforcement of a shared ethic the mission is in full effect. Lets just say we have come a long way in the last lucky seven years of operation.

With over 700 HBE showcased events, the successful release of a myriad of albums by our artists under the HBE label two IMA (independent music awards) wins for "Feed the Family'' and our Hank Williams and Leadbelly double Compilation album "Hiram an Huddie" under our belts, it would be easy to lean on our shovels validated by the hard work that got us here. That ain’t our style. This is only the beginning. Now more than ever we see the importance of our battle in the trenches to deliver real music to real folks without all the questionable politics and flashy miss-branding attached.

This is our time friends, and the numbers are growing as we carve our name into the ever widening market. If you're new to Hillgrass Bluebilly, let us welcome you to the "Dirty Foot Family", and to our indentured dirty foots..... brace yourselves there is plenty more to come!


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  • You Oughta Know Me By Now You Oughta Know Me B...
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