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ReportKashmere HakimKashmere Hakim

Kashmere's picture
  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kashmere Hakim released his debut EP: “The Hillsinger”. They call him hillsinger for his fragile, folky tunes that make you think of laying on your back on a hill somewhere in a valley of Scotland, or think about a borderless field of green. This EP is introducing Kashmere Hakim.

Although he was born in the eighties, Kashmere Hakim has always been truly fascinated by the 60's & 70's folk music scene. A time where people would really listen and find comfort in music, often discussing and asking each other if the music had something to say. In the tradition of folksingers (Pete Seeger) Kashmere Hakim songs tell a story.

The silken feel & feather-light weight of Kashmere is reflecting itself on his back-to-basic acoustic folk EP. Pure and simple original arrangements, dipped in a very warm and intimate sound. Just take the time to look into the sky while his almost poetic way of writing (covering protest, environment, personal experiences & social issues) wrapped in haunting melodies takes you away and gently brings you back.

While spending late nights in his very small apartment by the window drinking tea, Kashmere tells, “I deeply believe that there are plenty of happy endings, silver linings and hope in this world.”


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