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ReportKamal GillespieKamal Gillespie

  • Age: 39
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America
  • Press kit: pdf

A Fresh new outlook on creating the world's new music, a new producer has emerged. Hailing from South Carolina and residing in Atlanta, this young man as been a steady current of thriving music in the Atlanta Metro area. To say that he is on the come up would be an understatement for him and his production company, The Radio Active Kids. Going by the name "The Element", he has stirred up a curiosity of the definition...Being rooted in South and North Carolina as a child, he was exposed to a vast amount of culture and diversity through music. First trained as a Classical musician and trumpet player, Kamal was soon on his way to being submerged in the world of music. Later, playing in college, he was turned on to studio sessions and professional recording/producing. He then, pursued his dream of record producing by leaving the Carolinas and into the city of Atlanta for the big league. Since the move in 2004, he has linked with multiple local and national artists to make a name for himself and for the artists. Fighting the machine known as the "record industry", Kamal is finally getting the recognition he deserves. "You will be hearing from me...I'm not going anywhere anytime soon", kamal says..."matter of fact I'm in to deep too go anywhere now." as he laughs with a self determination.


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