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Kalli2B: Sometimes I Wanna Feel Sad

The songs in this playlists are mostly tagged with the following genres: indie pop, pop, indie, folk, indie rock.

Total playing time: 02:13:28

    Artist Title Duration  
1 Christian Mossuto Mossuto Blank Chords 02:04   
2 Meiko Meiko Said And Done 03:28   
3 Meiko Meiko Walk By 03:48   
4 Ashelyn Summers Ashelyn Summers Sunday Morning (Acoustic) - Deleted
5 The Nobodies The Nobodies The Riddle of Your Tears 03:59   
6 The Rescues The Rescues You're Not Listening 04:09   
7 The Rescues The Rescues Follow Me Back Into The Sun 04:18   
8 September 29th September 29th I Am Sad 04:45   
9 Diana Pops Diana Pops Silver Ship 06:05   
10 Diana Pops Diana Pops Light My Cigarette 04:36   
11 Diana Pops Diana Pops The End Begins 04:40   
12 The Autumn Film The Autumn Film Sleep 04:55   
13 The Autumn Film The Autumn Film All Coming Down 05:35   
14 joe purdy Joe Purdy Only Four Seasons - Deleted
15 joe purdy Joe Purdy Sinkin' Low - Deleted
16 joe purdy Joe Purdy Take My Blanket And Go - Deleted
17 joe purdy Joe Purdy Miss Me - Deleted
18 Meiko Meiko Sleep 04:47   
19 Oren Lavie Oren Lavie Locked in a Room 04:41   
20 Chris Merritt Chris Merritt It's Been Sad 04:12   
21 Verity In Stereo Verity in Stereo The Day We Told Her - Deleted
22 amandacottreau Amanda Cottreau & Ryan Potter For A Moment (Short) - Deleted
23 amandacottreau Amanda Cottreau Hiatus 05:23   
24 amandacottreau Amanda Cottreau & Ryan Potter Hold On Tight (Demo) 05:03   
25 Interest Relief Interest Relief Promises 04:03   
26 The Autumn Film The Autumn Film Roll Over Me 03:33   
27 The Nobodies The Nobodies What I've Done (Demo) 03:27   
28 The Age of Rockets The Age Of Rockets Fearsome, Though We Are 03:07   
29 The Empty Pockets Josh and the Empty Pockets Home - Deleted
30 Ohio Avenue Ohio Avenue Catch Me 04:22   
31 Baraka May Baraka May You're Done - Deleted
32 Modern Science Modern Science The Hardest Part 04:34   
33 The Walla Recovery The Walla Recovery The Spoils of Warring Hearts 05:21   
34 Hailey Wojcik Hailey Wojcik Anglerfish 02:43   
35 Hailey Wojcik Hailey Wojcik Pumpkinteeth 03:20   
36 Sofia Talvik Sofia Talvik Ghosts - Deleted
37 Sofia Talvik Sofia Talvik Cars - Deleted
38 Julie Peel Julie Peel Unfold 03:39   
39 Green or Blue Green or Blue Honestly - Deleted
40 Green or Blue Green or Blue Not Today - Deleted
41 The CO The CO Permanent Mistake 04:00   
42 Nebulae Nebulae Tomorrow - Deleted
43 Lydia Ashton Lydia Ashton Leave Me / credits (from Leave Me by Dar... - Deleted
44 Lydia Ashton Lydia Ashton Leave Me (from the film Leave Me by Daro... - Deleted
45 Flight Crash Companion Flight Crash Companion Barely a Memory - Deleted
46 All Found Out All Found Out Either Way 03:33   
47 Temple Scene Temple Scene Holding Back The Tide - Deleted
48 two seconds away Two Seconds Away If All Goes Well 02:18   
49 The Autumn Film The Autumn Film Don't Say That 04:29   
50 The Simple Discussion The Simple Discussion Sorry to be Sorry 04:31   

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