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Kalli2B: Weird, Fun n'Crazy

The songs in this playlists are mostly tagged with the following genres: electronic, indie pop, indie rock, rock, electro.

Total playing time: 02:01:34

    Artist Title Duration  
1 Daddy Big Mac DADDY BIG MAC Arabian Horsepower Jockeys 02:18   
2 Bankai Bankai The Epic, Part II - Deleted
3 Basshound Basshound The Arrival 01:49   
4 Valerna Das Racist Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (Val... 05:29   
5 Valerna Valerna Snakes 04:31   
6 Shael Riley Shael Riley The Popcorn Hater 04:51   
7 Holly D's Hollywood Drunks Sesame Street - Deleted
8 Holly D's Hollywood Drunks Can't Stay At My Apartment - Deleted
9 The Decline Of Western Civilization The Decline Of Western Civiliz... OFF WITH HIS HEAD 04:44   
10 Marc With a C Marc with a C Nerdy Girls 02:32   
11 folkfruit folkfruit Gandhi & King - Deleted
12 Woodsboss Woodsboss Hambone 02:43   
13 Sidewalk Driver Sidewalk Driver Jenny Don't Really Like the Boys 03:11   
14 Saviors of the Universe Rapid River Free Stuff Isn't Always Free Unless You'... 02:39   
15 Paragraph Paragraph tight fit 04:33   
16 Valerna Das Racist Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (Val... 05:29   
17 Hollywood Drunks Hollywood Drunks Sesame Street 02:15   
18 Amy Kuney Amy Kuney Chocolate 02:51   
19 The Grammar Club The Grammar Club Red Cyclone (Vocal Version) 02:07   
20 Jupiter Skydive Jupiter Skydive Penny in the Nose 02:34   
21 Shoops Shoops King Of the Bongo (Manu Chao Cover) 04:55   
22 Brian Mazzaferri I Fight Dragons No One Likes Superman Anymore 03:44   
23 Poolside Poolside Shine Tonight 04:14   
24 The Hard To Get The Hard to Get Dance Serene 04:37   
25 Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire Shael Riley and The Double Ice... tip eht fo mottob 03:39   
26 Streamfunky Streamfunky Rapp-Z 04:00   
27 The Bastard Fairies The Bastard Fairies Were All Going To Hell - Deleted
28 Ask You In Gray Ask You In Gray Reckless - Deleted
29 The Age of Rockets The Age Of Rockets Actors / Ghosts 01:41   
30 The Empty Pockets Josh & The Empty Pockets Meaningless Words - Deleted
31 Harperactive Harperactive Caturday Night Fever, YO (meow mix) 02:08   
32 Benjamin Blower Benjamin Blower The Darkness Doesn't Love You Baby: Come... 02:46   
33 Benjamin Blower Benjamin Blower Army of the Broken Hearted 03:53   
34 Clone Clone Szechuan Cowboy 04:21   
35 Hailey Wojcik Hailey Wojcik Model Aeroplane 03:03   
36 Hailey Wojcik Hailey Wojcik Anglerfish 02:43   
37 Hailey Wojcik Hailey Wojcik Raised in a Zoo 03:26   
38 Hailey Wojcik Hailey Wojcik Holden Caulfield 03:34   
39 Hailey Wojcik Hailey Wojcik Pumpkinteeth 03:20   
40 Hollywood Drunks Hollywood Drunks Sesame Street 02:15   
41 Tetrastar Tetrastar Crank That Soulja Boy (Cover) - Deleted
42 The Bastard Fairies The Bastard Fairies The Greatest Love Song - Deleted
43 half acre day Half Acre Day Anemones 04:09   
44 The Polish Ambassador The Polish Ambassador I Wish I Was an Earthworm 01:18   
45 Absofacto Absofacto Gnat Years - Deleted
46 Surfin' Nanorobots Surfin' Nanorobots Night Creatures And Me 03:12   

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