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ReportJosiah Barlow - MusicJosiah Barlow - Music

  • Founded: January 2000
  • Location: Unspecified


  • Josiah Barlow


TOUCHED cover art

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Record date: Oct 10th, 2004

"A Celebration of Human Expression"

POWER - PASSION - EXPRESSION...these words describe in a nutshell the emotional magic weaved into the musical creations of Josiah Barlow. Incredible piano melodies, rich synths, lush strings and perfect beats make for an incredible listening experience.

Guaranteed to be touched!!
TOUCHED review by music artist Kiwi

There are very few artists signed or unsigned that are guaranteed to touch me. Josiah Barlow is certainly one of them. His passion and emotion shows through in every piece and listening to his music is bound to reach every feeling in your soul. It's really as if he's playing my emotions as if it was his piano. On this CD he's gathered only masterpieces it's basically and impossible to pick one favorite. But if I were bound to pick a few pieces as introduction to his music I would suggest listening to Consolation, Breaking the waves, Unconquerable and of course Touched. But really just get the CD and be prepared to get Touched.

Track list

  Track Title Artist Duration Added  
   4 Breaking the Wave Josiah Barlow 02:52 2010-08-07  
   5 Consolation Josiah Barlow 03:09 2010-08-07  
   6 Fiahfehlamun Josiah Barlow 03:44 2010-08-07  
   7 Fierce Beauty Josiah Barlow 03:45 2010-08-07  
   8 Fire In The Sky Josiah Barlow 04:05 2010-08-07  
   9 Forbidden Desire Josiah Barlow 04:12 2010-08-07  
   10 Longing For You Josiah Barlow 04:26 2010-08-07  
   11 Together Josiah Barlow 02:53 2010-08-07  
   11 Love Touch - Part I Josiah Barlow 04:26 2010-08-07  
   11 Passionate Reckless Abandon Josiah Barlow 04:09 2010-08-07  
   11 Touched Josiah Barlow 03:28 2010-08-07  
   12 Love Touch - Part Ii Josiah Barlow 03:08 2010-08-07  
   13 New Discovery Josiah Barlow 04:42 2010-08-07  
   15 Perfect Kiss Josiah Barlow 05:12 2010-08-07  
   18 Twin Flames Josiah Barlow 03:24 2010-08-07  
   19 Unconquerable Josiah Barlow 02:48 2010-08-07  
   20 Years Go By Josiah Barlow 02:59 2010-08-07  
   25 Ageless Memory Josiah Barlow 03:36 2010-08-07  
   25 Age of Aquarius Josiah Barlow 04:28 2010-08-07  
   32 Angelfire Josiah Barlow 04:36 2010-08-07  

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