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ReportJosiah BarlowJosiah Barlow

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  • Age: 43
  • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America

Josiah Barlow was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in January of 1979, and the first thing out of the doctor's mouth upon seeing his deformed little left hand was "Well, he's healthy, but he'll never be a piano player!" But what the doctor didn't know is he was looking at a baby with the determination to share the music in his soul with the whole world...

Josiah started writing and playing music when he was 7 years old, and with quite the challenge... he was told that he couldn't play because he didn't have two hands... but fueled by the flame of determination and spirit, Josiah forged into the unknown, teaching himself how to play, and soon began figuring out that he could take an emotion and put it into sound. Furthermore, he found that when he did, people listening would feel that same emotion just by listening. It began a life-long quest to heal and inspire the planet with heart-felt music, and he is now doing just that!

His music is featured on countless websites, internet radio stations, college radio stations, and he also has had several of his songs used in movies and films. In 2005 he won the honored Keyboard Player of the Year award from the International Online Music Awards organization, as well as being nominated for several other categories.

One of his hit songs is also featured on an indie compilation album called SUNDOWN that is in circulation throughout the US and UK, and he is currently in collaboration with several different artists to create even more variety in the music world.
He has been used by several meditation projects for his ethereal work on the keyboard, the latest being an incredible technique to become stress free, Intentional Resting.

His dream to touch every living person with the gift of POWER, PASSION & EXPRESSION is rapidly becoming a reality!

"My passion and purpose in life is to touch every human heart that will stop, listen and feel what I put into my music....my intention is to move and inspire the very core of people to have a breakthrough experience simply by hearing a few notes of my music....by implementing a passion driven by unconditional love, I wish to let the world hear what is in their hearts by sharing what lies in mine."

Much Love...

Josiah Barlow


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