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ReportJohn Osborne FarleyJohn Osborne Farley

  • Age: 49
  • Location: San Antonio, Texas, United States of America

Farley is a finger-picking prodigy, double and triple-tasking on six strings. Guitar with distinct bass, harmonically, and rhythmically coming all from the same instrument, then backed by Farley’s solid and soulful blues voice – blues echoing the era of Blues and Folk, Greats! Farley's Music has this High energy,electrifying acoustic, that is deeply integrated in the Blues tradition. Farley began with stringed instruments at an early age. When not mastering chords and bottleneck slide, he was listening to blues and folk music. His focus to technique is coupled with experience:having played in Spain, Portugal, Holland and France. He Now resides in San Antonio Texas.


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