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Jon Hecox
Posted on Feb 1, 2010 - 4:15 by Jon Hecox
I always smiled when young to think of being born here
Even the slums were glorified to the point of cheer (we love the underdog)
And now comes the first honest moment
The first slowed down observation of what we grew up with
and decide if it's worth dying for

maybe not today, or tomorrow, but its coming
whether civil or foreign - its a snowball rolling
but no doubt we or our children will be burying one another - at some point

I pray i have no family by then
and I pray I do, so there's someone to live for
war without hope is the saddest story of all
which would come as no surprise at this point

I support you, Mr. President. I truly do, with more than just my 2008 vote.
In water-cooler discussion, in concert negotiations, in parental arguments
But, please, don't think of your legacy when it comes to policy decisions... or anything other than our future

Strange enough, you are the only one I could even propose such a request to.

So thank you.

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