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  • Location: Roches, France


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I'm a writer and music maker hailing from France.
I use words to create worlds, and music to explore them.


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Comments (40)Comments (40)

  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Left by Rainer Eric, on May 26, 2017 - 8:32
    I have a very inquisitive mind. Therefore it's something I like doing: finding out, what it is that makes me enjoy the music very much. And then you can reply to it :-)

    It's better than:

    Me: Great stuff!
    You: Cool :-)

    I like your singing very much on the track "Walking In the Air". It's playing right now. It is like walking in the air. It gives me goosebumbs.

    I too make things the way I like them to do. Making compromises often leads to work that's nothing special. It's good if art is enriching your life. What's the use of delivering you things you already know. It should be an adventure, not "all inclusive".
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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Captain Fantastic
    Left by Rainer Eric, on May 26, 2017 - 7:34
    In the movie Captain Fantastic the home-schooling, or better jungle-schooling, father asked his daughter a question about a book she was reading. She answered „I (don't) like so and so.“ Thereupon her father replied „Please be precise. What is is exactly that you (don't) like and for what reason“. I will do that. Be precise. I will listen to the three mojo songs you gave me background information about and figure out the important details. And then I will carry on with the ten new songs. That will be more helpful than the statement which ones are my favourites.

    At the performance yesterday Gosig bought the AKHE CD: Engineering Theatre. Between Two. Original Music by Dennis Antonov.
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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Left by Rainer Eric, on May 25, 2017 - 14:38
    When I started the pic uploads on a regular basis I used a simple second hand webcam. Therefore I made all the Gosig pics on my writing table. Later I used another second hand webcam and much later I bought a new HD webcam (16:9).

    The outside adventures began with a second hand basic Nokia smartphone with fixfocus. After I smashed it I used a simple second hand Lumix. I smashed it as well and replaced it with a second hand Canon Powershot camera.

    Only since a very short time I use two new digital cameras with a larger sensor. I didn't want to buy a new digital camera too early. They improved a lot. And now I have the ones I need :-)

    At the beginning I always had a good laugh making the Gosig pics. The first outside picture might have been the one where Gosig bought cheese in a supermarket because I cooked spaghetti all the time. It started in a supermarket and let us to Scotland and Wales.
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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Left by Rainer Eric, on May 24, 2017 - 15:24
    I don't care about the noise in the ears. Usually I do not realise it.

    Gosig and I loved Gwendolin Skryfet. The songs are anarchic and pure energy. We thought it's a group of wild men from the North, like the Leningrad Cowboys. We downloaded the songs from uvumi :-)
    My favourite mojo songs so far: Ahnh (very clever) and Stratagem.

    The Jazz pics won't run away. Look for the Clara Vetter Trio.

    Today Gosig and I saw a dance- and a theatre group. We didn't like the first one. Effects and not enough content for us. We enjoyed Yeung Fai with ”Lifelines”. Quite a few poetic moments with beautiful music using bells and traditional instruments. Tomorrow we will watch another performance and one more on Sunday.

    You might like this book: Keith Johnstone – impro – Improvisation and the Theatre. A hidden treasure. It's about life. After I read it I improvised a lot – in everyday life. It's inspiring :-)
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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Left by Rainer Eric, on May 24, 2017 - 7:54
    Tinnitus seems to be a warning system too. If it gets louder take care.

    Adventure day for me means to make the most out of it: adventure, travelling, having intelligent fun (with a mouse), taking pics and telling a story with the pics. I need to be creative.

    My camera sensor is okay. I shouldn't use the electronic shutter if there is artificial light. Next time I'll choose the mechanical one. The new Jazz pics on flickr are somewhere in the middle in between. I reworked older ones and they therefore appear on top.

    When we tell each other things about ourselves the reply often is: like me. Another detail: it seems to me that my filters are not too strong: I receive lots of information, through my ears, my eyes and concerning feelings. One way to deal with it is being creative, I guess. Fortunately I'm a kind of information junkie. As long as it's the right kind of information it's okay.

    Question: are you Gwendolyn Skryfet. I like the songs. Totally over the top.
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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Mojo and Gosig II
    Left by Rainer Eric, on May 23, 2017 - 9:27
    On Sunday I made pics of a jazz concert (Clare Vetter Trio). They came out beautifully. Very poetic. I uploaded them later here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rainer_eric
    Unfortunately the sensor of the camera sometimes does not work properly: on a few pics you can see lines in the background.

    Like you I didn't know at first how to deal with the uvumi site. I opened my account to be able to download a Heinali song (“When We Were Gods”), which I couldn't find anywhere else. I then discovered his track “To Live” :-)).
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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Mojo and Gosig I
    Left by Rainer Eric, on May 23, 2017 - 9:26
    We are quite similar :-) I have ear problems too, but to a smaller degree: Tinnitus due to ovewrwork. Usually I do not realise it. Hyper-acute hearing I came across in two situations. When I longed to listen to a CD and when I finally got it it often sounded excellent. Later on I hear much less details. The hearing mode went back to normal. And I guess when I'm exhausted noise I don't like is far too much for me. Especially the noise of cars. I hate it.

    Mojo changed your life and Gosig changed mine. All this uploading pics routine is more or less his “fault”. He even introduced the adventure day because he is adventurous: choosing a village that is interesting and then we go there early in the morning. Important: only check shortly, if it's a good place to go. The more you know the less it will be an adventure. And then we explore the place. Without a map.

    I found out two more things about the soundtrack: often it's hymn like and like spiritual music. That makes it overwhelming.
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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Left by Rainer Eric, on May 21, 2017 - 9:58
    What adds to the hypnotic effect: the music often is very rhythmic and forward driving. It carries you with it. :-)
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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Left by Rainer Eric, on May 21, 2017 - 9:20
    You wrote that your songs write themselves. That's what happens when I'm writing and happened when I painted. Again: I let the brain do the work. I only have to enable it.

    If you have a look at today's pics (21.05.) of mine you will see one of my mice (Gosig) in the theatre. Go for the whiskers :-)

    As kids we often had rescued baby blackbirds. Grown up one flew onto my shoulder when I came back from school. Another, who couldn't fly, jumped up in his cage happy to see me. I love blackbirds. And they “sing” beautifully. Great concert early in the morning.

    I'm a wee bit confused again. There is a Joanne Gabriel site and a JG site. Where shall I reply?
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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Left by Rainer Eric, on May 21, 2017 - 9:19
    I nearly finished to listen to all the tracks of mojo's work. His singing is rich in variety as is the music. It seems that ten different musicians accompanied him: a punk, a hard rocker, someone with a background in classical music. You name it. There is lots of avant-garde going on. Again: a love for the interesting detail, excellent craftsmanship, an abundance of ideas and your great sense of humour.

    In between I know where the hypnotic effect comes from: at least for me. It's a soundtrack for one story. So there is cohesion. Very strong through the reappearing (chorus like) singing, through reappearing motifs and melodies that belong together. And it's very emotional … and about three hours long. Because I like it I easily immerse. And sometimes it's hard to turn off the CD player. Different effect with music I can't stand (like in a supermarket): I better flee. It makes me nuts.
    I feel bad if the surrounding noise is too loud or if too many people close to me speak all at the same time. It's hard or not possible for me to separate the different voices. A nightmare.
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