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Jim HenricksonJim Henrickson

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  • Founded: March 2006
  • Location: College Station, Texas, United States of America


  • Jim Henrickson

Jim Henrickson is the name of the music project started sometime during 2006 by some guy named, coincidentally, Jim Henrickson. While no one is completely sure, it is generally believed that the project name is at least partially based on his actual name. Clearly, we’re in the presence of a creative genius here. Currently, the ‘band’ consists of the following lineup: Jim Henrickson. Past members include: (nobody).

Jim, who is currently working on his Aerospace Engineering major at Texas A&M; University, plays (or kind of knows how to play) an ever-increasing variety of instruments: guitar, mandolin, banjo, keyboard, ukulele, harmonica, accordion, bass, and violin. He likes to think that this solo project is just a way to build up his song-writing abilities while he looks for people to collaborate with, but he also likes to think that Star Wars is real, so… yeah.

His debut album “Birds in the Snow” has been described as ‘beautiful’ and ‘amazing’ by several random people that you don’t know. Jim wishes he could say that is has been praised by such lofty sources as The New York Times, Pitchfork, and Barack Obama, but he is morally opposed to making stuff up. If you happen to be The New York Times, Pitchfork, or Barack Obama, and have a desire to go on the record about “Birds in the Snow,” feel free to contact me. Or we could just shoot hoops or something.

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