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ReportJesse BrandJesse Brand

  • Age: 45
  • Location: Fort Worth, Texas, United States of America
  • Label: fiveslumprecords

"There are no second acts in American Lives" F Scott Fitzgerald

"Ours is the story of that in American culture -- a life in two acts

But the second act doesn't end with the artist building a future on the ruins of the past. It is instead the story of an artist who uses his second chance to redefine his present rather than to regain past glories; an artist whose focus now includes an involved level of writing that he was previously incapable of sustaining.

Jesse Brand's life and career are built on physical and creative restlessness, not unlike that of Townes Van Zandt. Both were youthful wanderers who could drop story songs about the crooked nobility of their beloved characters. Both fled their roots and found contentment far from home, and both were consumed by illness. Van Zandt was overcome by the very same demons that plagued Brand... which he overcame. His second act was limited to generational rediscovery of his genius - a spotlight and a soundtrack, but an empty stage. Jesse Brand kicked a monstrous cocaine addiction that nearly flat lined his career in the early 2000's and is enjoying a new beginning. He stepped into Act Two, which thus far is proving to be the more exciting portion of the drama, with twists, turns, new battles and surprises. When I met him, he was the most spellbinding solo performer I had ever seen.

Jesse Brand has never been one for explaining himself; he'll explain it to you in a way that's different, but not in a way that reeks of justification… he simply says "I was a drug addict and an alcoholic. I choose to live a different life today." It's been over two years since a beleaguered Brand went off the deep end with cocaine and alcohol, a mess that culminated with him serving several months in jail for alcohol related charges, before emerging as the clean and sober singer-songwriter he is today. And the streak he's been on since is nothing short of staggering "Once I didn't have to get up and find a bunch of dope every day, the [songwriting] process got easier. As soon as I got clean, and got my hands on a guitar, I wrote 'To Connor From Papa.' And I haven't had any problems since."

With his jeans, work boots, tattoos and trucker's wallet, singer-songwriter Jesse Brand doesn't look like a university musicologist. But he certainly sounds like one. He is funnier than hell, tough as a box of 16 penny nails, and is one of the most respected singer songwriters of any style on the planet today.


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