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  • Location: York, United Kingdom

Jesper Sørensen from Copenhagen, Denmark,, currently living in York UK. Has since January 2007 produced and finished the albums A New Time, Origin, Twilight, The world of ElecTron and The inner Voice which are all available on jespersorensen.bandcamp.com Newly released albums Skyrider and Synthology are now also available on bandcamp. Has just released his 8th album The voyage of the wind which includes more of Jesper's guitar work, its now available from bandcamp.

Here a review of the album Twilight by DJ Mike Garlick podcaster

Twilight. Yet another wonderful eclectic collection of music from Jesper Sorensen with strong melodies & production values.
Throughout this release, the music oozes quality with slow, shifting textures. This demonstrated especially on 'Fleeting Shadows', 'Twilight' and the delicate piano chords of 'Blue Light'. On the three part 'Searching The Void', there's a feeling of calmness with a laid back guitar refrain before upping the tempo with percussion and sequencing driving the music along using added guitar & piano undertones to great effect, which is simultaneously relaxing and yet invigorating. Again I must emphasise the elegant use of rhythm & melody on all the music here. If you have an inkling for a more modern approach to electronics, then 'Chill Factor' does it admirable. Jesper is always in control, keeping the ingredients just right, and the results an undoubted winner.

Here a review of the album Skyrider by DJ Mike Garlick podcaster.

SKYRIDER Jesper Sorensen certainly explores the melodic side of electronics, with a touch of atmospheric passion in his music on this latest release. This ranges from delicate piano refrains to more powerful muscular pieces, skilfully using melodies, not complex but with simplistic chords that pull you into the music. There are majestic musical tapestries that are quite beautiful especially in the softer end on this album brought to you with a dynamic flair. Jesper has developed his own sound which while being restrained in parts is evocative and infectious. This approach to synth music has given us a listening experience of different moods an emotions, one of those albums that you must discover for yourself.

Mick Garlick radio presenter


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