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ReportJeremy GluckJeremy Gluck

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  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Label: cadiz music, equation records, lemon records, ndn records, red star digital music
  • Press kit: pdf zip

A multi-disciplinary creative known best as songwriter and lead singer of The Barracudas who achieved UK and European cult and chart success as recording artists in the early 1980s and whose worldwide following continues to grow even now. Born late '58, raised in Ottawa, Canada and voluntarily expatriated to the UK the majority of his adult life, Canadian cult artist Jeremy Gluck is an innovator and visionary.

Accomplished as and continuing to achieve success as a solo recording and performing artist that has collaborated with and had songs covered by leading artists, Jeremy Gluck is also an author, poet, visual artist and in fact creative machine. Collaborations with Marty Thau, Brendon Moeller, Lydia Lunch, Dub Gabriel, Nikki Sudden, Mick Harvey, Rowland S Howard and many others signify Jeremy Gluck as a unique voice and spirit.

Jeremy Gluck is this year engaged in multiple remix projects with
international artists, performing in the United States and Canada, and writing and recording new material with his Bristol-based trio The Carbon Manual, Bronwyn Bonney and other artists.


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