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  • Age: 35
  • Location: San Diego, California, United States of America
  • Label: thorn records

In 2003 the band Malistad began as an underground punk rock ideal, according to Jason Ketcham, the creator and founder of the band. Basic musical training and a simplistic approach with a much higher commitment to lyrics and subject matter (as most punk bands go) brought about a three member group; Jason Ketcham (vocals, guitar) Bryan Ince (bass) and Ben Lopez (drums). Jason being the prime motivator and creator pushed their limits until the band was exhausted from unreachable expectations. The spirit of the songs were disdain, discontent, and a climb towards free/higher thinking. These ideas being already entirely unpopular fell on deaf ears and after a year spent practicing and recording their adolescent sounding demo, it only ended up being distributed to a scene that already passed them by. The band disbanded. Left to wonder the purpose of his aspirations, Jason in the meantime met and befriended Austin Ameral who from an entirely different background (metalcore), one day entertained the idea of collaborating with Jasons harsh, threatening, punk rock sound he desired. Open mindedness was the key if they were going to achieve anything.

Both Jason and Austin had come from the same religiously controlled environment and shared many of the same problems while secretly making their music. No one realized the defiance they were set to unleash.

The songs they created sparked a fire of ambition, but with no outside assurance about what they were doing, they began to give way to doubt.

"We had started completely over with our sound, and we decided to start with the subject matter and craft the song off of that from the ground up. We were constantly questioning ourselves as to whether or not it sounded exactly like it fit into the big picture of what we were doing. We were never afraid to change something entirely or do the opposite of what might be expected. The product was unique and I dont think anyone has or will be able to pin us down. We had and will always have the luxury of doing whatever we want with our sound whether or not praise ever comes back to us. Theres a song in progress called pearls before swine. We feel that this music is just too important to throw away to chance or changing it so that it has appeal to a temporary audience.

After discovering their saving grace philosophy so to speak, their objectives and ethics became directly built into their music.

"Not one track didnt have a purpose or a direction specific to its own reason. We gave each song a specific meaning and held the rest of the melody to that standard. I realized after I had read Ayn Rands books that it was how I wanted to live and make music, music and my life have always gone hand in hand. Say you make a song about loathing societies mentality; you then craft it accordingly, and you play/discover melody fitting to its theme. Same goes for the subjects of love, fear, conflict, and beauty. Of course these experiences are integrated into a personal experience, my personal experience, and as Ayn Rand would put it, a selective recreation of reality according to our meta physical value judgments. My values are in conflict with the rest of the worlds in almost every way. Whats more disturbing is people are becoming similar to animals, they only react, there are no values being formed. And it seems the audience there once was for the kind of music I wanted to make has vanished beneath a sea of musicians who want to only appear to be artists, when really they have nothing substantial to say."

After six months of recording, producing and songwriting through trial and error, they received a rare invitation to Irvine, CA to record a spur of the moment song Jason wrote called Mundane. The drive up had an air of uncertainty and doubt. Amazingly the session was perfect and the reactions soon turned to shock as people saw a clear sample of what the two man band was capable of doing given the right tools and opportunity. This booster experience reinvigorated the entire process. And like any amount of fortune would have it, the problems and general opposition they faced intensified. All because of their accomplishment, their personal lives turned upside down and in April of 2009, Austin indefinitely left the band.

With severed ties comes a chance to form new bonds. As Jason holds the foundation there are possibilities of old ties returning and new paths with new members in the workings. In the midst of a story spanning six years, every member of Malistad has come and gone subdued yet hopeful, all in the belief of dedicating yourself to something real and never selling out.

"I can only speak for myself. When people ask what were my views, how did I feel about what music can be counted as good music, or how should it be made, I will quote my favorite book, The Fountainhead or I will hold up a copy of my music, and I will rest my case. I was told at the age of eighteen I would not play music and not be supported by people who genuinely love me if I left my families religion. I currently am playing music and being supported by people who have done more for me by choice than anyone who ever did something for me by compulsion."

What is Malistad? Malistad reflects the value of ideas and the belief that it is important to understand them before our lives pass us by and we realize we havent made one choice that reflects who we are or what we want to be.


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