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Justin Le
Posted on Jan 27, 2010 - 18:30 by Justin Le
Thanks to all our fans for helping us chart over here at this new site! It's been nice settling in, seeing all of the familiar faces. We've appreciated all of the support, and I'd like to once again thank the staff at Uvumi for being one of the most responsive and helpful teams I've ever had the privilege of meeting on these here interwebs.

That being said, like we promised, we've rolled out three new songs since the last one. Give them some attention, if you wish =)

The first is No Other. This song actually has an interesting history -- when we first debuted it live, it was one of our most vibrant and energy-filled songs. When committing it to recording, however, we decided to mellow it down a bit.

The second is Without a Stir. This song was one of my personal favorites to write, because it was one of the first songs I wrote that was directly inspired by actual events that transpired in my life, and not just by themes and feelings I've had.

The third is Second Avenue -- this song was NOT released on t61, so it is making its social music debut here on Uvumi! It's our more rockish song, with a time signature that eludes even the best of our session players. I like its driving rhythm, but it's definitely the most oddball of our songs.

I'll be uploading the rest of our songs, all at once, tomorrow =) They're three of our biggest songs, I feel. Maybe by releasing them all at once, I can make some sort of impact. It'll be a nice feeling to finally have them all out, anyway. At that point I'll disable downloading from this site. It was a nice fun experiment!


In other news, we finally plopped down the $1 a month to register a domain -- http://www.janineweshould.com is now up and running, although we don't have a site yet --- only a bandcamp distribution service. Entering the code "orange", our hometown, will net you 50% off, if anyone is interested.

- Janine, We Should

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