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  • Founded: December 1996
  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America


  • Jak Locke

Every instrument, vocal and mixing/production process on all these songs was done by me except where otherwise noted. Shifting into third-person voice now.

Somewhere in the Outer 12th Ward of New Orleans, an amateur laboratory still stands where an experiment on matter transmittance went either horribly wrong or horribly right, depending on your sensibilities.

It was just another rundown forgettable building to see its exterior, so on a dark and stormy night it was nothing special for three musicians to end up sheltering themselves underneath the sparse awning until the rain died down a bit. They passed the time as most musicians do, by talking about themselves. It turned out all of them were fresh from shows at the Neutral Ground coffeehouse, Checkpoint Charlie's rock laundromat, and Zeppelin's metal bar respectively.

Suddenly, like something from a bad story, a surge of lightning struck the building just as a man inside was activating the prototype matter transmitter. But this was no ordinary lightning bolt! From the moon's Daedalus Crater hundreds of thousands of miles away, a being of pure and incredible charismatic energy who had been visiting Earth got caught up in that particular surge! Forks of green energy erupted from the front door, engulfing the trio outside. When the chaos subsided, the three musicians had been fused into one figure, the Sonic Chimera, Jak Locke.

Appearing on the scene out of nowhere in 2001, Jak Locke is a cross-genre singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist entertainer from New Orleans, LA. An unconventional solo artist, he performs and records with his three separate acts: rock (the main focus), acoustic (currently rarely performing though with a large and growing body of recordings) and metal (under the name Dead Locke).

Locke has become known for his intelligent lyrics, explosive stage presence and an unapologetically original style that eludes easy classification. An astoundingly prolific songwriter and one of the hardest working performers in the region, Locke's been described as "three intense acts' worth of output somehow masquerading as one single person".

Along with his three main projects, Locke is responsible for Banjo, an intentionally terrible grindcore/metal/punk band whose shows typically devolve into agitated chaos and/or violence. He co-fronts the 1950-1965 rock'n'roll group The NOLA Treblemakers on guitar and vocals. He is also the guitarist and backup vocalist of sex rock dance troupe Sick Like Sinatra, as well as the arranger/instrumentalist for Philadelphia-based filthy cover act Dirty Diamond. He has filled in for other bands such as Apathy Ensues and Atomic Pilot on an as-needed basis on various instruments.

What does Jak Locke sound like then?

David Bowie channeling the ghosts of James Brown and John Lennon. Beck and Dylan debating Thomas Paine on the eve of the apocalypse. Bill Hicks railing against an audience who only showed up to dance. Acid Bath covering Nine Inch Nails with Merzbow opening. The anti-John Mayer, the anti-Nickelback, the anti-safe.

More information is at www.jaklocke.com.


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    I don't know if you're taking requests...
    Left by mikelietz, on Jan 26, 2010 - 7:40
    but I don't think "Wrecking Ball" got the attention it deserved. I'd love to favorite it over here.
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