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  • Aug
    • 1 comment on song The Ballad of Molly Parker
      • 9:56 - Lionel Valdellon: Haven't heard anything like this in ages. How unique! And depressing, actually. But because of the musical arrangement, it's saved from becoming a depressing dirge.
  • Apr
    • 2 comments on song The Ballad of Molly Parker
      • 11:54 - woodjean: I always like your music but I really like this one. The lyrics and music are great (sad though).
      • 10:03 - Sally: YAY! I'm glad you added the Ballad. Not the most accessible tune on the album perhaps, but one I have always loved. It's a glorious bit of songwriting and definitely has an old-fashioned quality to it. That isn't always a bad thing :D
  • Feb
  • Feb
  • Jan
  • Jan
    • 1 comment on song Chance for the World
      • 19:13 - woodjean: 'Glad to find you guys here. It makes me feel much better!!! (refugee from t61)
    • 1 comment on song Breath of the Victory March
      • 18:46 - digitalfare: I heard this song for the first time tonight, and being a T61 refugee who is happily settling in here, "Breath of the Victory March" makes me very excited.

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ReportIvory Drive - MusicIvory Drive - Music

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  • Founded: August 2007
  • Location: Boulder, Colorado, United States of America
  • Label: self produced


   From This Far

From This Far cover art

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Record date: Jul 28th, 2009

Ivory Drive's full-length debut album, From This Far, propels its listeners through high energy, danceable tunes punctuated by moments of brooding sentiment. Recorded at Wave Stable Studios in Aurora, CO, and mastered at Airshow Mastering in Boulder, CO, the 13 original tracks of From This Far culminate two years of songwriting, recording, and production.

Our album, From This Far, is available at:

Track list

  Track Title Artist Duration Added  
   1 Breath of the Victory March Ivory Drive 04:24 2010-01-23  
   3 Otherwise Pretend Ivory Drive 03:21 2011-09-14  
   5 The Factory Machine Ivory Drive 04:30 2010-03-31  
   6 Proud and Torn Ivory Drive 03:33 2010-09-27  
   7 Hide and Seek Ivory Drive 05:09 2010-02-18  
   8 The Ballad of Molly Parker Ivory Drive 05:26 2010-04-30  
   9 Chance for the World Ivory Drive 03:34 2010-01-25  
   10 In the Shadows of Sirens Ivory Drive 03:52 2010-01-24  
   13 Carry the One Ivory Drive 04:55 2010-04-15  

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