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ReportIsaac SloanIsaac Sloan

  • Age: 38
  • Location: St George, Utah, United States of America

In an age where all music blends together into meaninglessness and cluttered polyphony I strive to write music that has a complex simplicity to it. Music that you can enjoy and yet sift beauty and meaning from.

Without a doubt modern music is more technical but is that what music is about? Music is about feeling... Not voice and tempo correction. A wise man once said, "Where words fail music speaks." Music isn't about perfection. Thats what grammar class and piano lessons are for. Music is about you and me, about how you feel, about how I feel; it's expression in language that transcends the limitations of culture and conformity.

I strive continuously for a better sound, but I've stood in the footsteps of thousands of legendary musicians both coexisting and historic and have been fortunate enough to create a style I like. All of you who like it as well, thank you so very very much.


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