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Michael LynnMichael Lynn

  • Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

I am an amateur singer/songwriter who write and record mostly from home. I'm also a music lover, all kinds of music ranging from classical to hard rock. Unfortunately I do not play any instruments nor can I read notes. However, that has not stopped me from composing songs of my own.

I normally create my melodies either freely inside my mind or tailor to some pre-written lyrics or chords. Then I will try to 'materialize' them on my keyboads constrained by my music limitation of course. I rely heavily on sequencers and music softwares. Majority of the credits of my music accompaniment should really goes to Yamaha, Band-In-A-Box etc. Lastly, I'll blend in the vocals (this I considered the worst part of the process as I'm a bad singer with an airy voice).

So in case you're wondering how a guy like this would sound, just spare some of your time for a listen.

Role(s) in the band: unknown

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