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  • Age: 41
  • Location: Chicago Area, Illinois, United States of America

Keith Hensley grew up in small town america. The first piece of music I can remember was Buffalo Springfield's For What Its Worth. I think I was maybe 2 at the time being rocked to sleep. My Father was a big influence on me for the type of music I've gotten into. He would play his clapton, Zepplin, Beatles, The Who. You name it he had it and on vinyl. That was pretty much my doorway into music, a corridor lined with some of the best musicians to ever make it in the business. I started playing music around 8 on my grandmother's electric organ. It wasn't enough though and I got a guitar for my 13th birthday that I still own today. I practiced and played easy covers for a good couple of years and learned a good fundamental base on my own. When in the military I met someone named Paul Scott. He was an amazing guitar player and could make my cheap guitar sound like a million bucks. He noticed where I was at skill wise on the guitar and one day we had a conversation. He told me there were a million good guitar players out there, but good bassist were so few. He was the push to pick up a 4 string from a local pawn shop with a bent neck and start learning. I took to it fairly quickly and started to learn more and more about the instrument. A lot of my influences in music stem from all of that. I'm a huge fan of Tool, Primus, Cliff Burton Metallica. Bands or individuals who were playing my instrument and making it sound amazing. I like a lot of weird stuff too Tom Waits is an amazing musician (I'd love to meet him someday) I find electronic music influences my playing style as well, Skrillex, Ratatat, Infected Mushroom. Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson. I'm a fan and listen to KRSONE, Del the funky homosapien, Immortal Technique. Pretty much any music across any genre that I find enjoyable I will listen to. I fucking love music.


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