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  • Founded: August 2003
  • Location: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Label: arlen, fluttery


  • heinali93

Heinali's Reviews

  • "Cidade de Deus" from "VA - Cynocephaly (2009)" review by rehgenten.de

    "Cidade de Deus" from "VA - Cynocephaly (2009)" review by rehgenten.de

    Das "dunkle" Thema im Intro aufgreifend: dunkle Synthie-Schleifen, langsam emporsteigend, polyphon exponierend, den Widerhall einer wahrnehmbaren Kaskade, der einer Gitarre enstammt, überwältigen. In Opposition die eintretenden Drums, die dem Ganzen ganzen Füße verleihen, schneller, das einst triste Plateau flüchtig, ein dunkler sehr markanter, wirklich überwältigender grooviger Bass im Wechseldialog mit den Drums. Einsetzender funkiger Vocalizer, Themawiederholungen, […] final die nonchalante Gitarre. Wirklich sehr klug verwebte Klangspäne made in Ukraine. Sollte man laut hören! Nach oben noch Luft zur Potentialentfaltung, könnte ich mir auch sehr gut als filmische Untermalung vorstellen!


  • Fabio Pirovano's blog.

    Fabio Pirovano's blog.

    stunning, poweful, so cinematic


  • Featured on Culture Systems blog.

    Featured on Culture Systems blog.

    Heinali's diverse mix of self produced music, loosely tethered together by dubstep, is so deep it resides underground the lowest layers of the ocean. The variety of rhythms, eclectic percussive choices, and scope of instrumentation are evident in the ever changing stalagmite soundwave that floats by so swiftly. The warm basslines powering this trip ripple in the underwater river. An infusion of organic elements in the sound palette glows in the background with an otherworldliness. The second half of this mix is our favorite, but standout cuts are "Blame You", "Spivanochka" and "Ghost of a Chance".


  • Film Music Promo (2009) featured in "A Room to Breath In" blog.

    Film Music Promo (2009) featured in "A Room to Breath In" blog.

    The music in this album, which (I think) combines the tracks from the EP "In to the Sea" with some additional tracks, is a brilliant blend of ambient and neo-classical. A good one!


  • Film Music Promo (2009) reviewed by Digg.Be

    Film Music Promo (2009) reviewed by Digg.Be

    De hoogtepunten op 'Film Music (El Mar)' worden naadloos aan elkaar geregen tot een hecht verband, waardoor het onmogelijk is om enige zwaktes bloot te leggen. Het geheel klinkt anno 2009 bijzonder fris en onontgonnen. Onze mening: een wonderlijke nieuwe wereld om te ontdekken.


  • "Haiku EP" reviewed on Hefty Shit

    "Haiku EP" reviewed on Hefty Shit

    here is something very special and something very very beautiful..


  • Heinali - Into the Sea EP (2009) reviewed by Lost Highways

    Heinali - Into the Sea EP (2009) reviewed by Lost Highways

    La musica di Heinali è voce panteistica. Heinali riesce a decodificare i sospiri del cuore. Ci si distacca dal corpo, si trascende nella memoria, si comprende il flusso.


  • "Into the Sea EP (2009)" featured on blog.about-music.de

    "Into the Sea EP (2009)" featured on blog.about-music.de

    Dass das Internet eine Fülle von legalen Quellen für kostenlose Musik bietet, ist eine Binsenweisheit. Nicht alles, was man findet gefällt einem, nicht alles, was man findet, genügt den eigenen Qualitätsanforderungen. Aber ab und zu findet man dann doch zumindest hörenswerte Newcomer. Eher zufällig stolperte ich über die Myspace-Seite des ukrainischen Musikers, Komponisten und Produzenten Oleg "Heinali" Shpudeiko (eigentlich stolperte er über mich, denn er schickte mir eine Freundschaftsanfrage), dessen Musik eine teilweise sehr angenehme Mischung aus Minimal Music, Drum'n'Bass und Postrock ist. Philip Glass meets Sigur Ros meets Björk oder so. Seine Alben sind kostenlos auf seiner bandcamp.com-Seite (was es nicht so alles gibt) in verschiedenen Formaten downloadbar. Seine neue EP "Into The Sea" ist wirklich nicht übel, vor allem der erste Teil des Titelstücks "Into The Sea" und Track 3 "Icarus". Auf jeden Fall ein Tipp für alle, die Minimal Music schätzen.


  • Myspace material reviewed by Mr Nixon's Music Class

    Myspace material reviewed by Mr Nixon's Music Class

    With heart tugging strings it reminds me of Olafur Arnalds or Philip Glass. The first piece 'The Details' includes a harrowing poem by Matt Finney. 'Prelude to Spring' with its Bach-like organ introduction turns into a piece that brings to mind Terry Riley's 'A Rainbow in Curved Air'. Sonorous and schematic, the music evolves in a series of cameos to elevate the spirit. From the restful 'The Awakening of Psyche' to the evocative 'Into the Sea' which has a stunning video available on MySpace, to the Russian language soundscape of 'To Live' (vocals, which I so wish I understood, by Maria Navroskaya) to the almost poppy elcetronica of 'Ave Moog' to my favourite, the dark and sombre but captivating 'The Lost Lovers (For Eyame)' all the tunes grip you in their different ways. You won't hear it in the beach clubs of Ibiza or Cancun this summer but do yourself a favour and have it coming through your headphones wherever you are! A very worthy top choice!


  • "Post Hope Promo" in Top50 albums of 2009 by Josef Sedloň, Radi@1 DJ

    "Post Hope Promo" in Top50 albums of 2009 by Josef Sedloň, Radi@1 DJ

    BEST OF 2009 - TOP 50 ALBUMS The Sight Below - Glider (Ghostly International) - Dour Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilon (Domino) - Guy´s Eyes Alva Noto - Xerrox Vol. 2 (Raster-Noton) - Xerrox Monophaser 2 Mint Julep - Songs about Snow (Unseen) - Aria Solar Fields - Movements (Ultimae) - Sky Trees Mountains - Choral (Thrill Jockey) - Map Table Dakota Suite - The End of Trying (Karaoke Kalk) - The End of Trying part II Intrusion - The Seduction of Silence (Echospace) - Angel ft. Paul St. Hilaire Rhian Sheehan - Standing in Silence (Loop) - Standing in Silence part 8 Jon Hassell - Last Night The Moon Came Dropping Its... (ECM) - Time and Place Fever Ray - Fever Ray (Rabid) - Dry and dusty Tim Hecker - An Imaginary Country (Kranky) - 100 Years ago Last Days - The Safety of the North (n5MD) - Run Home Moderat - Moderat (BPitch Control) - Out of Sight ft. Sascha Ring Bugge Wesseltoft - Playing (Jazzland) - Playing Heinali - Post Hope (Heinali mp3) (...)


  • "Town Line EP" reviewed by Noizine

    "Town Line EP" reviewed by Noizine

    Matt speaks over the neo-classical distorted music structure. It sounds like an atmospheric black and white movie. The theatrical atmosphere and the differences between these tracks make it really interesting. One track sounds like a post-rock distorted composition. Another one is like a minimal abstract and electronic vibe. The others tickle your ears with noise and experimental creations and the most unreal explore fantastic ambient routes.


  • "Town Line EP" reviewed on Hefty Shit

    "Town Line EP" reviewed on Hefty Shit

    and i know i'm pretty fast with sentences like 'that's the best thing i've heard in ages' but this time it could be fucking true!


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