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  • Age: 67
  • Location: Bremen, Germany

about me

Listen to music because you enjoy it. Not because it's cool to be seen listening to.


Music is my passion. I like to watch chick flicks (everybody should have some guilty pleasures). I'm a geek by profession, love the urban life, day and night. I read more books than my book shelves can hold and my most enduring relationship is that one with my coffee dispenser. ...whatever, I am just me.

My favorite quote is: "And mostly all I have to say about these songs is that I love them, and want to sing along to them, and force other people to listen to them, and get cross when these other people don't like them as much as I do." --Nick Hornby

If I'm not here, listening to music, I might be tuned in to my favorite radio station:


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meiko-album-cover-1.jpg Meiko - Hawaii
names-press-photo-1-avatar.jpg?1264543426 Names - La da da
no-divider-album-cover-avatar.jpg?1264883769 Escape Route 36 - Elevator Jazz


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