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    • 1 comment on song Yesterdays
      • 18:34 - Diana Hamilton: A personal favorite from Roberta- your version sure is different from Irene Dunne's. ;)
  • Jan
    • 3 comments on song Exit Music for a Film
      • 19:51 - mitch808: Looking forward to more!
      • 16:34 - Greg Spero: Thanks Mitch!!! I've got a few other from the session that I used for this recording, so I should have more similar ones to upload at some point :)
      • 16:33 - mitch808: Think Cinematic Orchestra or Jazzanova, but with real instruments. Drum and Bass, but with melodies. Layers of sound on top of a constant groove that gives a rocksteady platform for aerial acrobatics on keys and horn.

    • 2 comments on song Yesterdays
      • 19:50 - mitch808: to record live shows. I don't understand all the challenges myself, but I know that mic'ing the show alone is tough! The multi-track recorder should help a lot.

        That said, if this recording was made with a little recorder, it is pretty damn impressive. I can't wait to hear more!
      • 16:31 - Greg Spero: Thanks for the comment Mitch! Yeah, I agree, I would have loved to mix the track better. I recorded it with a little handheld Zoom recorder, so that's just what the room sounded like.

        I'm multitracking my next show on feb 5 and 6, so hopefully I'll have a good mix from that!
    • 1 comment on song Sly
      • 16:41 - mitch808: Take me back to the 70s. Funk and jazz were mixing it up in ways that no one thought about before. The Headhunters, Kool & the Gang (think Summer Madness, not Celebration, dummy...), Tower of Power. Sly takes us back to that magical intersection of two beautiful genres of African American music. Spero adds in a healthy dose of electronica to take it a step in a new (and exciting) direction. Get on this train!

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  • Age: 34
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

   Radio over Miles

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Track list

  Track Title Artist Duration Added  
   1 So What in its Right Place Greg Spero 18:17 2010-01-26
   2 Jean Pierre Greg Spero 09:14 2010-01-26
   3 Sly Greg Spero 16:09 2010-01-26
   4 Blue in Green Greg Spero 09:27 2010-01-26
   5 Exit Music for a Film Greg Spero 06:50 2010-01-26
   6 Yesterdays Greg Spero 19:12 2010-01-26

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