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ReportGravity AGravity A

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  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America


  • Drew Meez on the Keys
  • Aaron Lind
  • Michael Fouquier

Developing out of a city that is inundated with musical vibrations, Gravity A exhilarates New Orleans' rich musical tapestry with their fresh, dynamic energy and innovative sound. This five years old quartet is inspired by the soulful jazz expressions and second-line fusions of their hometown, yet still draws heavily upon the eclectic possibilities of electronic progressions. Gravity A has become the torchbearer for the city's late night soundtrack featuring the unmistakable sound of true New Orleans funk, tight drum n' bass breaks and intoxicating trance. The band's unique sound is highly dependent upon the musicians' passion for live instrumentation and improvisation, which often lends itself to a rambunctious adventure grooving through sunrise. As opposed to Newton's well-known gravity b, Gravity A has taken their name from the force responsible for the cohesion and semblance of all subatomic matter. At a Gravity A show in New Orleans or beyond, this force is intense and irrefutable. The dance floor is transformed into a frenzy as the polar vibrations of Gravity A's magnetic rhythms and far-reaching frequencies resonate amongst the bopping feet, shaking hips, and smiling faces.


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