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ReportGidgets Ga GaGidgets Ga Ga

  • Founded: January 2000
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
  • Label: gagatone


  • Mick Flores

Chicago's tasty treat, Gidgets Ga Ga, has been a hardworking rock and roll band for over 10 years. The word "pop" is heard a lot in the music business. It is used to describe so many different kinds of artists that the true meaning of the word becomes unclear. "Pop" means "popular" ultimately, and there is only one reason why any music becomes popular, which is because the music makes a true connection with its audience. Gidgets Ga Ga is better than most at making this connection. Their sound is a heady mix of all that has come before and all that is yet to be. Influenced by classic British Invasion, they are raw yet polished, honest and witty, catchy and melodic. Echoes of Nirvana and The Replacements can be detected, with their own take on what makes a three minute song matter. They are about punk rock energy and timeless pop melodies. They are new yet instantly familiar in that "this is my new favorite song" kind of way that true fans live for and crave.

Having performed at venues such as House of Blues, and having an increasing number of fans from all over the globe, Gidgets Ga Ga has paved a presence for themselves independently and proudly. For multi-talented frontman Michael "Mick" Flores (songwriter/guitar/vocals), bass player Zac Zidron and drummer Larry Beers, it has always been about the music - creating rock and roll that will make you want to sing along and shake your ass! Mick has shared the stage with revered musicians, including Butch Walker and Kasim Sulton. Gidgets Ga Ga has spread their word from every major stage in Chicago and are poised to break out to the world at large. They are running on drive, heart and a belief in their own destiny. Soon, the world may find itself destined to hear Gidgets Ga Ga blasting out over the airwaves and taking their rightful place amongst the most popular acts in rock and roll.


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