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  • May
    • 2 comments on photo 5
      • 7:29 - geronimodeleon: Thanks for stopping in for a look,
        your feedback is appreciated.
        The photo's a treatment of a Bird of Paradise plant outside my kitchen window...
      • 3:52 - Robz Parker: Not sure about the need for the other versions but this is nice.
  • Apr
    • 2 comments on photo Keith Emerson's Moog on display
      • 17:22 - geronimodeleon: (check link for info on the Emerson,Lake
        Orpheum show; I can't make it, but maybe you can.

        I wish I could say that I saw this, but I was on a work trip when my wife took a trip to the museum and took these shots.
        By report, and by visits to the Museum's site, it seems to be an important resource.
        The current Moog exhibit runs through the 30th.
      • 15:33 - orz: busted a nut

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Geronimodeleon's picture
  • Age: 64
  • Location: San Diego, California, United States of America
  • Label: unfettered

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