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  • blog post Report Summertime

    Posted on Jul 29, 2010 - 18:30 by geronimodeleon
    There are several new audio projects in the works.
    Normally I don't announce such, but the summer always seems to be my least productive period, though around August it always seems to pick back up.
    This August is no exception, as there are several new sonic works in process; one collaboration, and material for the (as of yet latent) "raining cloud" project.
    Additionally there are an abundance of photos to be treated and posted.

    Thanks to all visit my profile, and offer support.
    Thanks to all who remind me of your new postings.
    It is appreciated.
    Be Blessed!
  • blog post Report Narrative posts

    Posted on Feb 27, 2010 - 14:30 by geronimodeleon
    I've been going through a process recently of organizing and assessing
    "the archives," and have decided it's time to assume the calculated risk of posting works heretofore languishing in boxes.

    Today I've begun to include narratives I've written as photo captions.
    The addition of the narratives may result in a changed photo title.
    The first narrative was added to the Good Friday series to the photo now titled 'Surrender.'

    In time I hope to link particular images and narratives with an accompanying track.
  • blog post Report FOOD

    Posted on Feb 9, 2010 - 23:00 by geronimodeleon
    I've addressed a long time project idea this evening by starting a "Band" called FOOD.
    The concept is introduced on the "Band's" page.
  • blog post Report Soundtracks for Dance: Launch

    Posted on Feb 7, 2010 - 19:15 by geronimodeleon
    I have a longtime love of Movement and Dance, which was initiated by a desire to challenge the sensibilities of still photography which I brought to Film and Video.
    I've nurtured the love of Dance through classes, watching performances,
    and by interacting with Dance, and Dancers.
    In all regards, Music has played a seminal and integral role in either augmenting images, or inspiring them.
    In producing pieces for the album Soundtracks for Dance, I envision embarking upon a longtime process of developing pieces for use in modern/post-modern Dance performance.

    I may choose to use some of the pieces for Video.
    I may choose to develop choreography for the pieces
    (pushing my choreographic limitations, or by collaborating with someone better qualified).
    I hope I am blessed by interaction with parties interested in utilizing the works represented in this and future works.

    I'm developing themes for this album as I go;
    because of this, I'll either save comments,
    or won't make comments on the significance of the titles
    until it seems either right or necessary.
    I lean toward thinking that if the pieces are successful, no comment would be
    I will comment, however, on this piece's stereo image.

    As I intend these works for live performance,
    I'm concerned with the sound-design of a performance.
    A given visual cue from this piece is that there is a distinct division of action between sides of the stage.
    I was concerned (before writing this :) that by letting Elevation
    "out of the bag" unqualified, this phase choice would sound like a discrepancy.
    I am concerned with how this piece sounds
    (though not necessarily whether it’s liked).
    I’d be delighted if this piece is enjoyed in context, but realize that I’d probably use it
    for “house clearing music” if I was given still given to hosting wild parties (I’m not : ).

    Truth be told, this is the first ever MP3 that I've ever let loose,
    though not the first work I've "aired".
    Please feel free to offer your observations, impressions.
    Thanks for your time: )

    Blessings to all!
  • blog post Report The List

    Posted on Feb 5, 2010 - 9:45 by geronimodeleon
    Recalling and listing my sonic influences is both joyful and useful.
    Listing helps me to recall music, ideas, and eras.
    My hope is that (much of) the list serves those who read it as a subjective, and abridged guide to interesting music.
    Some items referred to are natural, and readily accessible
    to most of us in the course of our lives.
    I'm not sure how long the list will be, ultimately, but I'll continue to add to it as I'm moved (and as allowed to by the format of the site).
    I’ll likely adjust the influence % rating (like I consciously know: ) to reflect my personal Zeitgeist.

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